Team Underground’s Picks & Packages

**After your purchase is confirmed you will receive a password from us and you will then go to the Members Login page to access the picks.

Next 7 Days of Picks – just $77 (all sports)..

With this purchase you will get the next 7 days of picks (all sports) and we guarantee you show a profit or next 7 days is FREE!


Daily Guaranteed Picks

With this one time payment of $25 you will get our picks for today and we guarantee you to profit or tomorrow's card is FREE!


2019 MLB Package

2019 MLB package will include each pick we release this season and includes all regular season, wildcard, playoffs and World Series picks that we might have. All picks will be rated 1* to 5* units each and may include occasional parlay bets.


WNBA Full Season

All of our 2019 WNBA picks for just a one time payment of $169


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