Horse Racing Picks 4/20/20

Today we have 6 tracks that we will be covering for the w/p/s – these bets over the last few days have not been as well as I would have hoped – although with our mix of favorites and long shots you never know till it’s over! Sometimes you get that 1 race with a huge payout that makes your entire day. So today we will be doing #WillRogersDowns #FonnerPark AUA #rockhampton AUB #Nowra AUC #Scone & AUD #Ballarat I have based my picks on using a algorithm that chooses favorites all the way to the longest of long shots in a mix while designed to show a overall profit for the day. While in the perfect world we would love to show a profit for each individual track – most days that is not the case, however if two or three tracks shows nice returns then that in fact can mean a profitable day! With that said we will continue and try to improve the algorithm daily and the only way to do that is with more information and how each track does daily and how the Horses do from race to race. One last thing before I put up my picks – If we have scratches I will try my best to get a alternative horse posted. GL

#WillRogersDowns 4/20/19 R1. 3 R2. 2 R3. 8 R4. 2 R5. 7 R6. 3 R7. 2 R8. 5 R9. 1 R10. 7 #GamblingTwitter#HorseRacing

#FonnerPark 4/20/19 R1. 7 R2. 5 R3. 6 R4. 2 R5. 6 R6. 3 R7. 2 R8. 7 R9. 4 #GamblingTwitter#HorseRacing

AUA #rockhampton 4/20/19 R1. 6 R2. 5 R3. 13 R4. 7 R5. 6 R6. 12 R7. 3 R8. 5 R9. 4 R10. 5 #GamblingTwitter #HorseRacing

AUB #Nowra 4/20/19 R1. 3 R2. 3 R3. 13 R4. 11 R5. 14 R6. 7 R7. 16 #GamblingTwitter #HorseRacing

AUC #Scone 4/20/19 R1. 5 R2. 10 R3. 13 R4. 6 R5. 1 R6. 10 R7. 10 #GamblingTwitter #HorseRacing

AUD #Ballarat 4/20/19 R1. 8 R2. 4 R3. 2 R4. 2 R5. 9 R6. 15 R7. 5 R8. 11 #GamblingTwitter #HorseRacing

**NOTE** all of the above info is posted on my Twitter page @UGSportsconn and if there are scratches (and there will be) those alternate Horses WILL ONLY be on Twitter – so follow us there for the quickest and latest info.

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