Horse Racing Experiment 4/18/20

As many of you know that have followed me over the years that I am a sports handicapper and in the past I have did very few horse races, however since the covid 19 shutdown all major sports we have been playing the horses several times a week. And been calling it an experiment – because that’s exactly what it is.

What I’ve learned? I appreciate the hard work it takes and will take for the full time horse racing handicappers to win long term and I have also learned that there are many ways to bet the horses and some are more profitable than others and everyone should do what is best for them.

What is best for me? After enjoying a few days of hitting some exacta boxes I thought that was my thing lol, but a few days of losing showed me why they are called exotics! Very fun but much like parlays are to sports bettors.

So what do I feel is the best way to bet the horses? I like the win/place/show with only 1 horse per race. The reason is you have 1 horse to focus on each race and you have 6 possible payout spots for that horse. Of course if your horse wins you get the max of three payouts for the win/place/show. Also if your horse comes in second you get the place/show and if he comes in third you get the show money.

Every race is different and the payouts are based on the odds and money bet at the individual tracks. You can have a third place horse that pays more than the winner and second place finisher and that makes it very unique.

At Twitter I have put my bets up for all to see – free of charge. Check them out @UGSportsconn

I will touch base again soon so stay safe and positive – this will be over soon!