All Access Members

To be a “All Access Member “ you must be able to:

1) Have Access to our picks by purchasing our $100 package in the premium picks section of our website.

2) Have Access to a working email that alerts you through your device or smartphone or have your phone number available for text messages sent only from us as we never give out, trade or sell phone numbers or email address’s.

3) Once you have those things covered – most all serious bettors have those – you are set!

What do we provide:

1) We will start you out with (1) pick each day for one month from signing up with us and we will provide the pick with the line that is always current and available at most sports books, you will also be advised a unit structured based system with the pick and that tells you what we expect that pick to earn us or cost us win or lose.

2) First Pick of the day will normally be sent out hours in advance and sometimes that will be the only pick of the day. However if we have multiple picks – we will release them ASAP to you always with enough time to place the bets with your sports book.

Our goal is to make 1 full unit daily – and if we do not we will advise you how to and who to play the following day to make your profit.

We have been doing this for a longtime and this system will make you money if you are disciplined and determined to make money by ONLY following the picks we provide.

Serious players ONLY!

We are looking forward to hearing from those type players ASAP.


Team Underground