Daily Pick Sheet (8/26/19)

Recapping Sunday’s Slate:

Top Pick of the Day hit for 8* units as the Seattle Mariners -137 gets the win!

Underdog Play of the Day Hit as we had the Miami Marlins +179 for 7* units and we pick up +12.53* units on that pick!

System play strikes again as the Chicago White Sox -117 wins – moving all system picks to a phenomenal 21-1 record!

Guy’s get on board – we are not saying all the picks each day are must plays, but if you follow along – you will see what plays will help your bankroll. The Top Picks of the Day are rated 8* to 10* units and maybe that is all your interested in? If you had bought the pick sheet yesterday you would have won 8* units on the Seattle Mariners.

If you just want our underdog POD’s then you would have been on the Miami Marlins +179 yesterday for 7* units and would have won over +12 units!

Maybe you have heard how well our system plays have been doing and you decide that is the play you will bet – if so you would have had a winner on the Chicago White Sox -117 and picked up a unit!

System plays are now 21-1 and guy’s we are legit – system plays are played in a chase system format and they only lose in the pick loses 4 times in a row or we decide to not pursue the play any longer after game 2 of the chase, and that is where our 1 and only loss came from. So these system plays are really hitting at a high percentage.

We do not win all games – for instance our Parlay Club lost on Sunday – but we keep them coming as we know from our track record that they will hit and if all parlay’s just go around 50% then we will make you money because of the payouts.

Our Over/Under POD lost also – but those picks have been money for the long run and we are not concerned with those picks as we are very confident that we will hit more picks than losers in the long run!

We rate the picks very carefully and use a system in doing so to insure the outcomes are beneficial over a long period of time. For instance we are not going to make every top pick of the day a 10* unit selection and our Parlay Club picks will never exceed 3* units. We have thought these systems over and will make adjustments as needed because we want to maximize our clients earning potential and not put you in bad spots.

Bottom line the Daily Pick Sheet is loaded daily with picks – and we do not recommend that you play everything every day unless you can afford to or feel like that is what you need to do.

We think that over a 7 to 14 day window – you will see enough sample size to understand what you can do with the picks and that is what it was designed for.

$4.99 gets you going and the subscriptions last for 1 full month from signup – so you will have time to decide what fits your needs the best!

Join us today as we have the following picks:

8* unit Top Pick

3* unit Parlay Club

6* unit Underdog POD

3* unit total

1* System Play

Daily Pick Sheet

Everything mentioned above plus more! $4.99 gets you started today and subscription is from 8/26/19 till 9/26/19


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