I get all of this for $4.99???

That’s the question we have been getting lately!

Do I get all of these picks for just $4.99 per month?

Yes is the answer – great deal – great value!

Last night we won 2 of our 3 NFL preseason picks as the Oakland Raiders & NY Giants both cashed in for 8* units each!

Top Pick the Washington Nationals -1.5 won easily for another +8* units!

System play winner on the NY Mets won and system plays are now 19-1 !!!!!

Tonight we come back with two more NFL preseason picks, another Top Pick, a parlay club selection, our underdog POD, our over/under POD & another System play going for a 20-1 record on those!

Also included is our futures play on the 2019 winner of the World Series and a SEC Football Game of the Week that goes Saturday!

All picks are Rated 1* unit to 10* units and all picks are monitored and documented!

Start winning today!

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EVERYTHING mentioned above plus more - for just $4.99 per month.... Subscription will last from 8/23/19 till 9/23/19