System Plays Now 9-1 in the Daily Pick Sheet

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on our new venture “The Daily Pick Sheet” most of it is the cost as guy’s can not believe we pack so much for so little! Just $4.99 per month.

Also guy’s are telling me “I only get the sheet for the parlays” or I like your underdogs of the day – and so on…

That’s all great to hear – but if you are looking for a reason for yourself to get the Daily Pick Sheet, then why not get it to follow our System Plays?

System plays are now 9-1 and we got our 9th winning system play last night in dramatic fashion as the Milwaukee Brewers got a walk off homer to cash us out!

Whatever the reason – no one can argue that $4.99 per month is a deal and today’s pick sheet is loaded:

10* Pick of the Day

2* Parlay Club

2* Over/Under POD

1* New System Play


(3) NFL preseason Best Bets 7* units each…

5* Underdog POD

Like I said loaded and you can play them, fade them or monitor them and it will only get bigger – because as soon as college football gets here the Daily Pick Sheet will feature conference POD’s weekly and we will continue the same MLB format throughout the MLB playoff and eventually into the World Series!

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