Flat Betting vs. Star Rating Betting

First off I have went over this subject hundreds of times and back and forth over the years, and I will say they both serve a purpose and both can work depending on what your goals are.

As you know we have been doing the star rating system for some time now and it has really not been what we wanted it to be and here is the reason.

A normal day of betting we will release 3 to 5 picks let’s say and out of those picks we have to make 3 to 5 individual decisions (once again) on each pick. It is almost like we have to handicap the games twice. Now follow me on this please with the following example:

For example we are using three picks and we have the Dodgers -150, the Astros -160 and the Braves +120

We liked all three games and each game have many reasons why we like each game – but now we have to add a star rating to each play and are forced to determine what pick is the strongest and witch one is the weakest. For example purposes only we decide that the strongest pick is the Astros -160 and we release them for 5* units, next we say the Dodgers are a 3* unit play and the Braves a 1* play.

Now we have not only the pressure of hitting our picks – but now we really have to hit the Astros because it is the top play -160 for 5* units. Let’s say that was our only loss – now here is where the real frustration sits in. We go 2-1 but -3.8* units

Had we just flat bet the games for $100 per wager with same results our 2-1 night is now +2.6* units

Now you can say that is just an example and what if the Astros won and the other two lost? Well that result would be 1-2 for -0.5* units .

We could debate this all day and like I said I’ve been back and forth many times – but the one thing that keeps me coming back to the flat betting approach is the simple fact that winning percentage has to win at the end of the day 100% of the time.

A 2-1 day should profit 100% of the time every time period.

With that said – I made the clients aware this morning that we would be going back to the flat betting system and if I am correct we will see the benefits soon.

First off I only have to handicap the games once – after a decision is made it will be sent out and it is from this point forward up to you to play the amounts on each wager – I will be betting them flat. More on this later.

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