10/17/18 Report NBA Headlines a Big Card

Guy’s we had 20 units going yesterday and we ended the night at -6.29* units

3-4 overall winning on the Boston Red Sox, Edmonton Oilers and Boston Celtics.

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Last 7 days we have gained 9.21* units overall and a $100 per star bettor is up $921.00 over the last week and if you put that in perspective the cost of a 7 day package is only $77

Tonight we have 23 total units on the line – headlined by two big NBA bets that we like very much.  We also have both MLB playoff winners and a pair of NHL picks as well including our only 5* unit selection of the night.

We are not chasing – just doing what we do day in and day out.  We dropped a little over 6* units last night going 3-4 overall but we had some real solid shots at some positive units as we lost a close game in a shoot out on the Florida Panthers and another close loss on the Arizona Coyotes.  So not chasing just doing the normal process here at Underground Sports Connection and Team Underground.

Another Big weekend of football headed our way starting tomorrow night – last week we went (11-3-2) in college & pro football and this week we will continue!

First things first though – tonight 7 big plays covering all sports for just $25 or get the next 7 days for just $77 (you can’t beat that price)….

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