It’s All About the Units!

8/2/18 -1.1*

August 2018 Total -1.7* units

Overall System Total +75.07* units

All Time System High +76.77* units

Those are the current numbers guy’s

As you can see we lost 1.1* units last night (8/2/18)

For August we are down -1.7* units as we had our first back to back losing days in recent memory.

Overall current system for clients that have been with us since early June 2018 is +75.07* units.

And our All time high on units since system began is +76.77* units

It’s all about the units guy’s!

It really is about that and that only!

Not that long ago I would argue this fact and say it was more about winning percentage, but over the last few months and really charting the numbers – I believe units are more important, and really there is no argument!

If by chance you were lucky enough to hit 60% of all your plays and play them for the same amount – you would be doing great! But when the 60% drops into the more reasonable 55% and lower range, your bankroll takes a hit from the vig especially in MLB!

With our system we can make money – real good money hitting in the 53% to 57% range by adjusting our units and doing exactly what we are doing now.

Just take a look at the units above…

A $100 per unit bettor is currently up +$7,507.00 since June and that same bettor was up +$7,677.00 as his all time high for just a difference of -$170 from high to current.

When units are adjusted and percentage drops the money manages the hit on the bankroll and things do not get out of hand.

These facts are just a small part and reason why it is so important to have the right handicapping service working for you.  Our clients know when they lose a night or two that it is only gonna take a few more nights to be back on top in the money game.

If you are depending on the percentage to carry you to a new all time high – you better not have 2-3 bad days, because it can wreck your bankroll quickly!

We will be talking more about this in weeks and months to come – for now just look at the numbers, track our picks, do the math yourself and remember a unit does not have to be $100 for you!  It could be $10 or $25 or anything you chose for it to be.

The results will work for you too – if you follow our system … Bottom Line!mlbmoney

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