Another Winning Day

Guy’s we gained another +1.02* units on Monday as the Oakland A’s was the deciding factor for us and the overall total for the third straight day is at a system high of +66.06* units – if these numbers look foreign to you or you do not understand what they mean just go back to the post from yesterday and see JUST how important a unit is to the players bankroll!

A $100 Bettor is up $6,606.00 since June 8th that is around 7 weeks give or take a day – that means a $100 Bettor using our system as it is intended to be used has won around $943 per week the last 7 weeks (actually more because I was on vacation for 10 days and a few days we passed).

Guy’s it took me a long time to make the realization that it is not the percent of games you hit that is the most important factor – but rather the amount of money you make from doing what you love!

With our very disciplined money management system any player small or big can make money consistently betting on sports!  Of course you need good picks, by no means am I saying that.  But as long as we can hit a consistent 50% or better (which we do) for long term (again what we do) combined with our easy to follow rating system YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!

Go back and look at the picks, do the math and see for yourself – but the best way to see for yourself is to join us and win with us starting today!

3 picks up for Tuesday

Let’s GO!!!!oaklanda's

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