System High 2nd straight day!

4* Winner on Connecticut Sun +4 & nice 1* Winner on Minnesota United +204 improved our system another +3.03* units on Sunday for another system high of +65.04* units for the second straight day!

Guy’s this system has been paying clients since June 2018 it is only July and our clients have netted over 65* units – not sure even our clients understand how big this is?  But if you compare this system to a savings account, 401k, stock market or any other type of investment there is no comparison as +65* plus units in that time period has to be one of if not the best return on investments out there!  Bottom line!

First off you have to decide what a unit is for you?

A unit to some could be as small as $5 – if a unit to you is $5 then you would play all 1* unit plays to make $5 and if you are up +65* units then it would be 65×5 for $325 profit!

Now if a unit for you is $25 you would do all 1* unit plays to make $25 and using the same numbers 25×65 would be $1,625.00 profit…

A $100 per unit player is up right now 100×65 = $6,500.00

You have to decide and follow as all plays are not 1* unit plays, some get up to 4* units like yesterday and even higher – BUT if you follow the daily advise the numbers are true and results are REAL!

Remember we do all the work – we send you a report daily with the picks and unit size…

Join us today – ask about the special and you too can be making the best investment in sports betting today!

3 picks for Monday

Let’s GO!!!!connecticutsun.jpg


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