Play of the Day 1/28

Team Underground 1/28

Play of the Day won its 5th straight on Friday night as Wisconsin Green Bay +7.5 won outright!

Monday 1/23 San Antonio Spurs -12 winner

Tuesday 1/24 Chicago Bulls -2.5 winner

Wednesday 1/25 Philadelphia Flyers +140 winner

Thursday 1/26 Boston Bruins -140 winner

Friday 1/27 Wisconsin Green Bay +7.5 winner

Today we go after POD #6 in a row!  Get that selection now at:

If you are interested in getting our play of the day selections – they are just $25 for single day cards.  However if you want long term service then you might want to join us for the next 30 days and save big!  That promotion gets you all the picks from all the sports for just $69 and that makes the cost of our POD’s just $2.30 per day!!!  Contact us and we will make it happen!

Free Pick Rhode Island -6.5


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