Sports Betting 24/7 (12-5 thru 12-11)

Going to try and get back to putting up a daily free play up here more often. So I have decided to try and make these posts from week to week instead of daily. We will post free picks, recaps, updates, specials and everything else concerning Team Underground in this same thread for the dates listed above.  This is a test run and subject to change. The idea is to get more involved with the followers, provide winning free picks and be 100% transparent in reporting our results from our premium client picks.

Let’s start off saying the weekend did not go as planned as we went just 4-4 on Sunday.  You can see all of our picks at any of the sports monitoring sites we use or by following us on Twitter @UGSportsconn on Twitter I list the winners with ✔ and the loser’s with a ✖

Be sure to not only follow us here but on Twitter as well.

Tonight we have 4 premium client picks up and ready including the Monday night football side winner Colt’s at Jet’s plus best bet’s in the NBA, NHL & College basketball.

Colts at Jets plus 3 other best bets

12/5 Free pick Golden St. Warriors -13.5

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