College Football Playoffs – Today!

Team Underground Report for 12/31

Happy New Years Guys!

Today we are more focused on what we will do today than what we did yesterday and that is the way we have to approach everyday.  Yes we did win yesterday but today is a new challenge and a new day to produce a profit – 4 Bowl games including the college football playoffs!  Get these 4 picks now at:

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Free pick Florida Panthers +135


5 Bowl Winners up now for Friday

Team Underground report for 12/30

Not going to go over our past stats – but if you are visiting us today you are probably aware of the run we are currently on.  Today we intend on adding to the bankroll as we have all 5 Friday Bowls as we get things started early with TCU/GA and then go to NC/Stanford, TN/Nebraska, AF/South AL and finish up with FSU/Michigan.  The picks have been sent to our clients and you too can get them now at

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Free Pick comes from College Hoops Arizona +1

Bowl Picks – NFL & Playoffs

Guy’s picks have been hot and I have a number #1 priority to provide my paid clients the best service available and that is what we are doing.  I do intend on getting free picks back on site soon, but with all the Bowl picks and NFL/NFL playoffs going or soon to come – I have not got on the site much the past few weeks.

We are taking all clients for this run – so yes you can join at anytime.  Just email me or sign up at

I will be glad to add you to the list.


Team Underground 


3 out of last 4 NFL winners and 4 out of last 5 Bowl winners

Team Underground looks to score big for you on this Christmas eve – coming off of a 3-0 sweep yesterday we have 3 premium client picks up for Saturday including a early bankroll builder in the NFL and a afternoon personal best play in the NFL and we close out the night with the Hawaii Bowl side winner!

We have now hit 3 out of our last 4 NFL picks and 4 out of our last 5 College Bowl games!

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Free Pick Houston Texans -1


12/16 free pick

3 more premium client picks are now up and ready for this Friday night.  Last night we swept the card with the Seahawks, Auburn and Winnipeg – tonight we look for more of the same!

Bowl Games start on Saturday!  Get on board for the next 30 days and get all picks from all sports for just $69

Free pick Detroit Pistons -1