11/23 free pick

Team Underground wishing you all a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Picks are sent out daily we win some we lose some as this year draws to a end I always look back and ask myself did I enjoy what I was doing? and did I learn anything? And when the answers are both yes – that is a good thing.  Not here to get rich off of clients – I like to get information, work with numbers/sports and expect to be paid for my work it is that simple here at Team Underground.  We do the work and love to share with you guy’s.  As I type this we are currently 14-3 in college basketball client plays!  I have had a lot of new traffic to the site and a lot of new guy’s asking about service.  You can take advantage of the 7 day free pass – but when 7 days is over it is over.  If you need assistance after the 7 day run then contact me and we can and will work together as I am very easy to deal with.  If you know that Team Underground is the right sports service for you then go directly to the link below and join!


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Free Pick NJ Devils -135

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