9-27 Free Pick 66% Winners last 27 picks

0-3 last night as Saints, Texas Rangers & Under in the Reds game all lost.  We had a 75% run end last night and tonight we start another run!  Sometimes I look at winning and losing streaks like runs we see in a basketball game, no matter how good or bad a team is they will go on good and bad runs.  The key is to stop the bad ones ASAP and extend the good ones as long as possible.

Good news we are still 66.6% our last 27 selections and that makes sense because that is our goal to hit in the high 60+% range and producing a profit day after day and that means going 2-1 or better on three pick cards like we mainly use (2-1 = 66.6%)

Today 3 more MLB selections up and ready at:


Join us now for all our picks for a very low investment – take a look at the website or contact us direct.


Free Pick St.Louis Cardinals Money Line


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