NFL preseason Early & Week 1 Info

Team Underground 8-6-2016

If you are new to betting or just new to betting the NFL preseason then this may interest you.  I am not a fan of betting on preseason sports in any other sport except the NFL.  Many reasons for that, but the biggest reason is that with the right info NFL preseasons can be very profitable (and has been for us).

Many different factors help us to determine what games have a edge including QB rotations, coaching philosophizes among others.

All NFL teams play 4 preseason games minimum, however each year two teams play 5 preseason games as the participants in the Hall of Fame game (this year Packers/Colts) of course play the extra game.

Hall of Fame games usually kick off on Sunday’s and this year is no different as this upcoming Sunday the first game will be played and one team will cover and one will not and barring a push there will be a over or a under.

Below is the schedule for Early and week 1 action:

8-7-16 Hall of Fame Game Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts


Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons

TB Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars at NY Jets

Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears


Miami Dolphins at NY Giants

Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers

Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals


Seattle Seahawks at KC Chiefs

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

Dallas Cowboys at LA Rams

SD Chargers at Tennessee Titans


Houston Texans at SF 49ers

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