Cleveland Indians/NY Yankees 72.2% situation

Team Underground 8-6-2016

1-2 last night and very frustrating after the 2-0 Thursday.  One thing you have to remember is MLB Baseball is historically our worst sport and to be fair, Baseball is a lot of sports bettors  worst sport.  With that said – we are having a winning season even though the last month was not very good and we fully expect to get hot again sooner than later!

On the other hand historically NFL is our best sport and it kicks off Sunday!  I will be talking more about the NFL a little later on another post and mainly the NFL preseason.

Getting back to MLB ….  We have a early selection for today involving the Cleveland Indians vs. New York Yankees (this pick has been sent to clients).  This game has some very good numbers that backs our pick (72.2% shot of winning) as we play the percentages win or lose.

Remember this is a marathon – not a sprint and long term service is the only true way to see how we do year after year!

Get this pick now at for just $25 and it will be guaranteed to hit or the next card is FREE!


Back later with NFL preseason news and a free pick!


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