7-8 Report & Free Pick

Team Underground 7-8-2016

Bad news first 0-5 last night (-28.4* units)

Good news we always bounce back!

30 years in the handicapping industry for one reason only – I do not panic and I always play the games for the same amount if I have won 12 straight or if I have lost 10 straight.  Gambling is a game of runs and very similar to the sports we bet on, think about how certain teams get hot and then cold.

Several weeks ago I tweaked the system that was red hot because of 1 bad week!  looking back it was probably a bad move.  So tonight we go back to the original system and we will adjust if need be.

The picks look solid tonight as we have selections from the following games:

SD Padres at LA Dodgers

Atlanta Braves at Chicago WhiteSox

Seattle Mariners at KC Royals

TB Rays at Boston RedSox

NY Yankees at Cleveland Indians




Free Pick Toronto BlueJays ML