June = Winning Month numbers / recap inside…

June 2016 was a winning month for Team Underground – check out the numbers.

18 winning days in June with 12 losing days.

+48.9 positive units based on 5* units per bet.

Classic example of what we do!

Winning days = Winning weeks = Winning months = Winning years..

No need to get excited or panic as we believe in our systems/databases and money management decisions.

Bottom line for us is to make money!  Is that your goal?

Bad days will happen and we will also have bad weeks – it is part of the game.

We start our weeks on Monday’s and end on Sunday’s so out of the 30 days in June we had 5 weeks:

June 1st thru June 5th 3 winning days 2 losing days.

June 6th thru June 12th 6 winning days 1 losing day.

June 13th thru June 19th 2 winning days 5 losing days.

June 20th thru June 26th 4 winning days 3 losing days.

June 27th thru June 30th 3 winning days 1 losing day.

If you notice the breakdown by weeks we had 4 winning weeks and 1 bad week.  Also when you add winning days you get the 18 winning days we mentioned and you also see the 12 losing days as well.

*Note those numbers are June only numbers and weeks are Monday – Sunday

Most important number on this report is the +48.9 units won.  Because if you factor in the cost of our service vs. the return it’s one of if not the best and most reasonable sports service investments on the web!

Looking forward to serving more and more clients in July and moving forward.

Ask about our 7 day free pass and if you have already did that ask us about our special!



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