Inside the Numbers last 180 Days

Team Underground’s official numbers as documented by cappertek

Last 3 days 3-2 for 60% +7.57* Units & +13.76% ROI

Last 7 days 16-13-1 for 55% +16.32* Units & +4.95% ROI

Last 14 days 31-20-4 for 61% +83.63* Units & +14.08% ROI

Last 30 days 55-45-4 for 55% +46.64* Units & +4.12% ROI

Last 60 days 108-85-4 for 56% +167.64* Units & +7.78% ROI

Last 90 days 157-129-7 for 55% +187.64* Units & +5.84% ROI

Last 180 days 230-225-9 for 51% +117.31* Units & +2.51% ROI

looking at these numbers we can all agree that this is a great sample size of what we do here at Team Underground as we have went back 180 days or approximately 6 months.

We keep profit as our top priority and by looking at the numbers we have delivered and hope to continue delivering our clients with the best possible sports betting information for the lowest prices in the industry.  This is why we keep clients for numerous years after they sign up.

We are always ready to have new members, but remember this game is a marathon and not a sprint and long term membership can make the difference in a winning year and a losing year.

We are a 365 day sports handicapping service with very competitive rates.  Check us out now at and follow us here for Free Picks and other sports betting information.

Team Underground






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