Verified Records – Big Weekend of Winners

Team Underground Report for 9-24-2015

Been doing the recaps here for several weeks of the night before – but today we will post our actual numbers as verified by CapperTek (Just one of many sports monitors we use verifying our results).

**Hotcappersreport at CapperTek**

MLB last 7 days (8-3) for 73% and +60.70* Units

NFL last 7 days (5-2) for 71% and +30.57* Units

College Football last 30 days (20-10-1) for 67% and +90.20* Units

All Sports Combined last 30 days (52-42-2) for 55% and +87.72* Units

Strong enough sample size?

MLB is heating up at the right time, NFL we had a great last week after a slow start and College Football has been consistent since the first kickoff!

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Team Underground