MLB Profits Continue to Increase

Team Underground Report for 6/30/15

MLB continues to make money here at Team Underground.  If you have been following the updates – you will notice we have been using a formula that has been working and producing a steady profit for all clients.

Tonight we intend to end June with over 1K in profits.

Other groups claim larger returns – but our numbers are real and also verified and documented.

As of 6/3/15 our clients have profited +$999.32 using a very simple – but effective two play per day format, where the return outweighs the risk.

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Last night our top play hit on the Boston Redsox however we lost our parlay – but still netted clients $60.00 (If you had joined yesterday your $30 investment would have doubled on sub par night).

Interested in hearing from you soon.

Team Underground