Parlays continue to produce profits

Team Underground Report for 6/24/15

If you have been a client or just reading the updates the last few weeks you will notice the straight/parlay system we have been running and the numbers they have produced.  You are welcomed to go to CapperTek’s website or Eagle Eye sports monitor to verify these same parlays (And straight bets as well).

Our latest parlay winner was last night as we paired the Oakland A’s -140 & Houston Astros +108 together to net +$128.29 and on 6/22 we parlayed the Toronto Bluejays -126 & KC Royals +145 together to net +$169.72 (Both based on $50 parlays).

The system is simple and easy to follow – and we do all the work!

Anyone interested in starting today – you will have to hurry since one of our three plays starts early.  A client can net +$285.00+ on todays picks based on our advise and money management program.

email me at for any questions or go to to join us

Since 6/3/15 clients using our advice have profited +$847.89 based on $100 per unit.

Team Underground