MLB Profits Continue to Increase

Team Underground Report for 6/30/15

MLB continues to make money here at Team Underground.  If you have been following the updates – you will notice we have been using a formula that has been working and producing a steady profit for all clients.

Tonight we intend to end June with over 1K in profits.

Other groups claim larger returns – but our numbers are real and also verified and documented.

As of 6/3/15 our clients have profited +$999.32 using a very simple – but effective two play per day format, where the return outweighs the risk.

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Last night our top play hit on the Boston Redsox however we lost our parlay – but still netted clients $60.00 (If you had joined yesterday your $30 investment would have doubled on sub par night).

Interested in hearing from you soon.

Team Underground


Parlays continue to produce profits

Team Underground Report for 6/24/15

If you have been a client or just reading the updates the last few weeks you will notice the straight/parlay system we have been running and the numbers they have produced.  You are welcomed to go to CapperTek’s website or Eagle Eye sports monitor to verify these same parlays (And straight bets as well).

Our latest parlay winner was last night as we paired the Oakland A’s -140 & Houston Astros +108 together to net +$128.29 and on 6/22 we parlayed the Toronto Bluejays -126 & KC Royals +145 together to net +$169.72 (Both based on $50 parlays).

The system is simple and easy to follow – and we do all the work!

Anyone interested in starting today – you will have to hurry since one of our three plays starts early.  A client can net +$285.00+ on todays picks based on our advise and money management program.

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Since 6/3/15 clients using our advice have profited +$847.89 based on $100 per unit.

Team Underground


Got Winners? We can help you out.

The last 15 days has been very profitable here at Team Underground as we are using a very simple but effective system using one daily best bet and one daily parlay for MLB, let me show you the results.

6/18 KC Royals -140 Winner … Parlay Reds -115 & Pirates Winner with reduced payout due to Reds game PPD

6/16 NY Yankees -115 Lost … Parlay Cardinals -185 & LA Dodgers -150 Lost

6/15 Pittsburgh Pirates +140 Winner … Parlay Orioles -177 & Yankees -160 Lost

6/13 Baltimore Orioles -110 Winner … Parlay Pirates -270 & LA Dodgers -165 Lost

6/12 Toronto BlueJays -110 Winner … Parlay Pirates -175 & Brewers -111 Winner

6/11 Tampa Bay Rays +102 Lost … Parlay A’s -160 & Cubs -145 Winner

6/10 Milwaukee Brewers +120 Lost … Parlay Royals -110 & LA Dodgers -195 Winner

6/9 Colorado Rockies +106 Winner … Parlay BlueJays -153 & Indians -187 Lost

6/8 San Diego Padres +118 Winner … Parlay BlueJays -174 & DiamondBacks +147 Lost

6/6 Pittsburgh Pirates -105 Lost … Parlay BlueJays -160 & Twins -115 Lost

6/5 San Diego Padres -105 Winner … Parlay Indians -134 & Rockies -113 Lost

6/4 Chicago Cubs +107 Winner … Parlay Twins +130 & Rays +109 Winner

*Notice we did not force plays every day as we had 3 days we passed completely (6/7, 6/14 & 6/17) but we are talking about the last 15 days of service.

The system is simple – but effective as I mentioned earlier as we release 1 straight play as we call a best bet, and one parlay each day that we have picks that meets our criteria.  We advise clients to do 1* unit on the straight picks or best bets and just 0.5* units on each parlay.

The actual numbers for a $100 per unit player and using the exact plays above (actual paid client plays).  That client is up +$606.88 the last 15 days alone.  That is risking $100 per best bet and $50 per parlay.

Also notice that the largest favorite we advised for a best bet was just last night on the KC Royals at -140 odds!  That shows that we are not just throwing out large favorites that should hit but being very selective at trying to find the most value from each days schedule.

You will also notice they we keep it very balanced as we have used 6 favorites and 6 underdogs over the period listed on our daily best bets.  And also notice that our parlays are not all just favorites parlayed with favorites, for example on 6/4 we used two underdogs in the parlay and a $50 wager on that parlay netted our clients +$190.35 alone (almost 4 times the risk!).

For a limited time I am offering this exact system to all who join our Parlay Club for just a $30 investment!  Get more info and a payment link on our Parlay Club at

Hope to hear from you soon

Team Underground



3 Straight Parlay Winners

Team Underground Report for Saturday June 13th

We had our 5th straight profitable day on Friday as we won both plays:

1* unit Toronto BlueJays -104 Won & 0.5* Parlay Pirates -175 & Brewers -111 Won

Five straight profitable days in MLB (Refer back to yesterdays post) including 3 straight parlay winners.

Today we go after our 6th straight profitable day as we have another Best Bet and going after our 4th straight parlay winner!

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6-12 Report: Back to Back Parlay Winners

Team Underground Report for Friday June 12th

Four straight winning days as we have shown a profit using the new Best Bet / Parlay system:

6/11 1* unit TB Rays +102 Lost / 0.5* unit Parlay A’s-160 & Cubs -145 Won

6/10 1* unit Brewers +120 Lost / 0.5* unit Parlay KC -110 & Dodgers -195 Won

6/9 1* unit Colorado Rockies +106 Won / 0.5* unit Parlay Toronto -153 & Cleveland -187 Lost

6/8 1* unit SD Padres +118 Won / 0.5* unit Toronto -174 & Arizona +147 Lost

Making a profit is our only goal.

Tonight we intend to make it 5 straight profitable days as we use same format.

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Thursday Night Sweep! Best Bet & Parlay

The Chicago Cubs got the win on Thursday night and that runs our Best Bets to 5-1 the last six.

Minnesota Twins +130 & TB Rays +109 both cash as that was our 2nd straight parlay win.

So a perfect night and we intend to take the momentum into the weekend.

Friday Nights picks are ready as we have another Best Bet and another Parlay from the following games:

SD Padres at Cincinnati Reds

Miami Marlins at Colorado Rockies

Baltimore Orioles at Cleveland Indians

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6/4 Parlay Winner Last Night – Best Bets (4-1 L5)

Nice Parlay Winner last night as we paired up the Oakland A’s -107 & SD Padres -147

We lost our Best Bet on the Cleveland Indians -140 our Best Bets are now 4-1 the last 5 picks.

Tonight we have another Best Bet and another two team parlay involving the following games:

Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals

Minnesota Twins at Boston Redsox

TB Rays at Seattle Mariners

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