How’s the 2015 MLB season treating you?

After 1 month of MLB for this 2015 season how are you doing?  Are you winning or losing?  All very important questions to ask yourself when you are playing MLB money lines.

Major league baseball is a very brutal sport when one is losing as it can snowball on you very quickly and after several months it becomes a chase for most players and many never catch up.

One month is that all the time we need to decide if this is going to be a good season or not?  It just may be!

The 2013 & 2014 seasons were very unkind to us at Underground Sports and this year we took a different approach.  Currently the units are adding up and losings days are not that painful as we are taking it easy and playing it smart.

I could list records and stats here but I won’t today – But I will let you know where you can find our actual numbers posted.

Handicappers Watchdog –

CapperTek –

The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma –

Eagle Eye –

Parlay Help –

Cappers Monitor –

Cappers Watchdog –

Listed above are the links to find our records and even to see the plays we have made.  I always prefer to see for myself and I do not expect others to be any different.

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