Saturtday’s NBA & CBB 1/24/15 Report

Before i go over todays card, lets review the past week.

Friday 1/23 (2-1)
VCU -13 (L)
Atlanta Hawks -4 (W)
Cleveland Cavaliers -9.5 (W)

Thursday 1/22 (1-2)
Notre Dame -9.5 (W)
Stanford +4 (L)
Brooklyn Nets +11.5 (L)

Wednesday 1/21 (3-0)
Wichita St. -13.5 (W)
Utah U. -21 (W)
Golden St. Warriors -8 (W)

Tuesday 1/20 (2-1)
Kansas St. +11 (W)
Kentucky -22 (L)
San Antonio Spurs -7.5 (W)

Monday 1/19 (2-1)
Texas -3 (W)
Duke -15 (L)
Kansas -5.5 (W)

That’s (10-5) 66.6% the last 5 days.

Today we have a big 5 play card as we have three CBB picks & 2 NBA selections, first game tips at 2pm est

get all of our picks by going to

Back up later!

Team Underground

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