Ravens @ Saints – NFL now 61.9% combined

Looks like another profitable week in the NFL for Team Underground.  Last weeks update we were at 60.3% for the current regular season and that number will improve regardless of tonight’s outcome!  Thursday night we hit with the Oakland Raiders and on Sunday we won 2 out of three as we had the Bengals, Rams & Cowboys – so worst case scenario we close the week out with a 3-2 performance, BUT we are planning on a 4-1 week as we feel confident on the Monday Night contest between the Ravens @ the Saints.  More on this game in a moment.

Now in our 28th year handicapping all major sports – we know when we are on to something good and this NFL season WE WILL FINISH STRONG and complete our goal of 60% plus winners and maintain this thru the Super Bowl!

It all started for us in the Pre-Season as we went 11-6 add that with the current 41-26 regular season you have a 52-32 record for 61.9%

$50 bettors NFL ONLY are up +$840.00

$100 bettors NFL ONLY are up +$1680.00

$500 bettors NFL ONLY are up +$8,400.00

Dime bettors NFL ONLY are up +$16,800.00

Best part is no matter how much you play per game – our prices are the same!  No BS club levels and special plays, all plays are monitored at (7) independent sports monitors including The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma.

Getting access to these picks are simple and I guarantee that you profit or you never buy picks again!

All this info and tonight’s MNF winner Ravens @ Saints (Just $17) can be found at http://www.hotcappersreport.com looking forward in providing you with winning sports information.

Team Underground


Email tim@hotcappersreport.com

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