Week 8 NFL & Week 9 CFB Report



First off let me start about my mini Twitter rant last night targeted toward the Head Football Coach from Arkansas St. Blake Anderson.  First off I said it last night and will say it again today, at no time should any team at any level attempt a fake punt from their own 6 yard line!  And if you are down 9 points just kick the extra point to get the game to 8 points (1 possession) even if you convert you still have to score TD and convert the xtra point (which you missed after 1st score BTW).  Most coaches and fans will agree that you play to prolong the game and give your team a shot to win in the end, once the two point conversion failed it is now a two possession game again and the score you just made is basically useless after the fact.  Believe me this guy had way more people than me shaking their heads.  Would they have won the game if not for the boneheaded calls and miss calculations?  I’m not sure – but I know that those was not the only questionable decisions Coach Anderson showed the nation last night.  I can except a loss but when the HC is directly behind it – it is frustrating and really sad to watch.

Off to Week 8 of the NFL and week 9 of the college football season.  There will be action again from Thursday till Monday and you can join us for all those plays for just $50 at the other website http://www.hotcappersreport.com

Our goal is to produce 60% plus for the season.  Of course we would all love a season at 75 to 80% but realistically that does not happen.  We have been between 55% and as high as 63% at different times the past several weeks overall.  After last weeks 5-6 overall performance we dropped a little on our percentage for the year as we are currently 69-51 for 57.5% overall and that covers all football picks this season including NFL, College & NFL Pre-Season.

Two weeks ago we went a perfect 4-0 in the NFL and we have had many winning days and weeks and plan on doing so throughout the year and into the Bowl and playoff season.

Long term service is where you guys can make the most profit from a winning a reliable service.  For example all the clients who purchase my full season package has already paid for the package and believe me the best is yet to come.

I mentioned above we are currently 69-51 for 57.5% – many times players may frown at those numbers, but if you had only bet those 120 plays for $100 each you would be up +$1290.00!  almost paying for the complete package twice and with a ton of football to go.

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Football Special $40 Entire weekend!

After a nice winning weekend our overall numbers improved from 57.9% to 58.7% as we now stand a combined 57-40 since the Pre-Seasin.

Tonight kicks off another weekend of college & NFL football as there are two games on tap as the Colts go to Houston and BYU visits C. Fla.  We have (1) solid pick from those games to start the weekend off.

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Football Picks Update 10/4/14


Hope you are as excited as I am for another full slate of College football for this Saturday!

The only thing better than watching college football all day – is WINNING the games you picked and making money while you watch!  I’m sure all of you would agree with that statement.

Winning vs. the point spread is the only thing that holds many from true enjoyment weekend after weekend.

Winning against the spread is a full time job, so do not be upset if you are one of the millions that struggle to cash in consistently.  It’s not your fault Vegas sports books pay odds makers real good money to keep you guessing and post up sharp lines that get sharper as the season rolls on.

Remember the anticipation as the first game was about to kick off this year?  You probably had a good winning week?  You may even had a couple of good weeks?  But its getting tougher now and will continue to do so.

Its a business intended for YOU to pay all the bills!  Its simple math, since you win 10 and lose 11 it takes more than 50% winners to get paid.

How do you get the right info to hit a percent high enough to make it worth your time?  I can tell you now that you do not want or probably do not have the time needed!

I spend 60+ hours a week (minimum) researching trends, scores, angles, let down spots, numerous other situations, line movement, consensus reports, injury reports, match ups, look a heads, personal numbers and systems and whatever else is needed to provide my clients winning information.

The tough thing about all that I stated is – I do not win every week either!  But I believe in what I do and have had many winning years for me and my clients.

I’m not gonna lie to you and make up bogus numbers, but instead share with you some real numbers from my service and see if it may be something your interested in.

Before we look into the numbers, I want to add the fact that not only do you get my picks daily for a very low price, I also advise you on ways to play the games such as money management and key elements (too many to mention) that keeps you in the game when others are not as fortunate.

This year we had a 11-6 NFL Pre-Season that netted us a top 10 ranking at the sports monitor of Oklahoma.  We are currently just 15-13 in the regular season of the NFL and currently having a 25-18 college football season.  That’s a combined 51-37 for 57.9% and a $100 bettor is up $1030.00

You have to look at those numbers a few different ways, first off being up any positive amount is better than any negative sum and considering the cost of the my service and the fact the only work for you to do is open a email and place the wagers – you can see how nice those numbers actually are.

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All picks monitored & documented at The sports monitor of Oklahoma, HWD, Cappers Monitor, Eagle Eye, Cappers Watchdog, Parlay Help & CapperTek

Looking forward to working for you.



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