Team Underground – Odds to win the NBA

Odds as of 1/24/14 to win the 2013-2014 NBA Championship.

Atlanta Hawks +5000
Boston Celtics +6000
Brooklyn Nets +2500
Charlotte Bobcats +6000
Chicago Bulls +4500
Cleveland Cavaliers +5500
Dallas Mavericks +4000
Denver Nuggets +5000
Detroit Pistons +5500
Golden State Warriors +1600
Houston Rockets +1400
Indiana Pacers +250
LA Clippers +1000
LA Lakers +5500
Memphis Grizzlies +4000
Miami Heat +130
Milwaukee Bucks +6000
Minnesota Timberwolves +5500
New Orleans Pelicans +6000
NY Knicks +5000
Oklahoma City Thunder +500
Orlando Magic +6000
Philadelphia 76ers +6000
Phoenix Suns +5500
Portland Trail Blazers +1400
Sacramento Kings +6000
San Antonio Spurs +700
Toronto Raptors +5000
Utah Jazz +6000
Washington Wizards +5500

These odds will change – so keep up with all the NBA picks from Team Underground from now till the finals.

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