Vikings & Baylor Cash – NFL now at 70% YTD

Team Underground continues a nice run as we go 2-0 on Thursday night with the Minnesota Vikings +1.5 & Baylor -16.5

Updated YTD Numbers:

CFB 25-21 (54.3%)

NFL 21-9 (70%)

Combined 46-30 (60.5%)

All the numbers above are monitored & documented at the Sports Monitor (TSM) of Oklahoma.

Amazing season will continue tonight as we will have for sure 1 pick and maybe 2 picks in CFB.

NFL now at 70% for the season and if your season is not going so good – it is never too late to join us for our daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal packages that can be purchased at

Remember this Monday the Hot Cappers Report website will have new packages available – so that means we will be adding season ending Bowl Packages that we always take very seriously and do well at, also will be adding packages for the NBA & college hoops – more on this Monday.

Today I’m offering a last time offer to receive all remaining football picks for just $100.00

This offer will include all the remaining regular season games both college & NFL, conference championship games, bowl games, wildcard and all NFL playoff games, national championship and all BCS bowl games and of course the Super Bowl for just $100.00

Several of my short term clients may have already received this offer via email and I may offer it again – however if you are a follower of Team Underground via Twitter or this blog – you too have the opportunity to get this same offer just by emailing me direct at

We want to finish up strong and have as many members as possible ride out the season with us as we move forward into hoops in the upcoming weeks.

Hope to hear from you soon


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