Saints Win – 69% Winners

Another winning week has passed thanks to the New Orleans Saints on MNF….

We ended the week at 4-3-1 as we had:
SF 49ers -3 (W)
BYU -21 (W)
LSU +3 (Push)
Oklahoma -3 (W)
Texas A&M -13.5 (L)
Chicago Bears +3 (L)
Atlanta Falcons -2.5 (L)
New Orleans Saints -6.5 (W)

*Note some clients had LSU +3.5 but I grade what I send, so I counted it a push. One positive of the week is even though it was a small profitable week it was profitable and the losses were all close for the most part.

We will continue to be selective, do our research and have discipline. And by doing so we will have a great profitable season.

Be sure to visit the links on top of this page as you can join Team Underground for daily free picks and also become a member for our premium selections.

Parlay Club members I have not forgotten you. With the start of the NHL and MLB playoffs starting we will be releasing several parlays this week!

Our current and updated football numbers as documented by TSM of Oklahoma are:

NFL 7-3-1 for 70%
NCAAF 11-5-1 for 68.7%
Combined 18-8-2 for 69.2%

Team Underground

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