Dolphins @ Saints MNF

Very disappointing week as we sit 3-3-1 for week, so it comes down to Monday night and the pick is up and ready now.

On Tuesday I will be sending all clients our early release picks for week 6. Early release picks have been on fire all season long as we hit SF 49ers, BYU and Oklahoma as early releases this week and only blemish was LSU a push.

So looking forward to bouncing back tonight and getting a early jump on next weeks action.

Team Underground

2 NFL picks up for Sunday (6-1-1 YTD)

Currently we are ranked #1 in the nation in the NFL by TSM of Oklahoma with a (6-1-1 YTD) record. We won on Thursday night with the 49ers and we have (2) picks up and ready for today.

College football ended with another winning week as we won with BYU on Friday and Oklahoma on Saturday, we pushed with LSU +3 and lost our pick on Texas A&M -13.5 to finish the week with a 2-1-1 record – but more importantly showed a profit.

NFL 6-1-1 for 85.7%
NCAA 11-5-1 for 68.7%
Combined 17-6-2 for 73.9%

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49ers win – NFL picks now 85.7%

49ers 35-11 win over the Rams improves our NFL record to 6-1-1 YTD and at 85.7%

Our next pick goes Friday night in NCAAF where we stand at 9-4 YTD for 69.2%

Combined football record (NFL & NCAAF) now improves to 15-5-1 for 75%….

I would like to welcome all the new clients that joined us today for the winner and would like to offer the rest of you guys the opportunity to join us starting Friday night.

We currently have (3) picks up and ready (1) for Friday night and (2) for Saturday, we will have a few more late releases and look to keep up our great start to the season.

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Team Underground’s Football Picks 75% combined YTD


Wednesday MLB Report

It’s Wednesday and we do not have any football to wager on, so lets take a look at all (15) MLB games on tap for today/tonight and see who is playing for what.

Mets vs. Reds
Mets playing spoiler role at 7-3 in their last 10 games. Reds are 90-68 with (4) games remaining, if Reds go a perfect 4-0 down the stretch – best record would be slim at best.

Nats vs. Cards
Nationals eliminated as a wildcard team, but they fought hard and winners of 6 out of last 10. Nats could play spoiler today as cards are gunning for a division title as they have 93 wins and winners of 7 out of last 10.

Pirates vs. Cubs
Cubs not a spoiler as they have just 2 wins out of last 10. Pirates are in the playoffs and have 91 wins with (4) games left.

A’s vs. Angels
LAA playing great (7-3 last 10) and with a record of 77-80 with (5) games remaining, they have a shot at finishing over .500. Oakland also playing good ball (7-3 last 10) and sit at 93-64 with (4) games remaining – still has a shot to end the season with AL’s best record and division title.

Jays vs. O’s
O’s 3-7 last 10 vs. Jays 5-5 last 10….not much to say about this game as neither team has much to play for.

Wsox vs. Cleveland
Wsox (4-6 last 10) are in a semi spoiler role, but are terrible when facing the Indians this year as Cleveland has went 16-2 vs. CWS this season. Cleveland has won 8 out of last 10.

TB vs. NYY
TB 88-69 has 5 games left and already have 1 more win than Cleveland does with the same amount of games remaining, so TB should be taking this game seriously while Yankees have tanked as they are winners of just 3 of last 10 overall.

Brewers vs. Atlanta
Braves have best home record in the league at (53-23) and are gunning for best record in NL and a division title. On paper Atlanta has the best shot to take the division, however brewers are a spoiler as they are winners of 6 out of 10.

Phillies vs. Marlins
Dud game…..

Houston vs. Texas
Major letdown for Texas as Rangers really let the post season slip away as (5-5) in their last 10 just wasn’t good enough. This would be a great play against Texas if not facing the Astros who are (0-10 last 10 and losers of 11 straight.

Detroit vs. Twins
Tigers will pop the corks tonight with a win and also still has a outside shot at best division record. Twins should want to be a spoiler tonight and avoid a Tigers celebration on their field – but twins just 3-7 last 10.

Boston vs. Colorado
With 95 wins Boston is in the drivers seat for AL’s best record – Rsox has won 6 of 10 while Colorado has only won 4 of their last 10 games.

Arizona vs. SD
Both teams 6-4 in their last 10 overall and both teams could be considered spoilers if they were playing opponents who were in contention.

KC vs. Seattle
KC 6-4 last 10 had a wildcard shot, KC has to be in major letdown mode – but playing Seattle who has only 3 wins out of last 10. Interested to see if Royals continue their improvement from last season.

LAD vs. SF
SF is in spoiler mode tonight as they play division rivals the Dodgers. LAD has 5 games remaining, and could still end season with NL’s best record if Braves and Cards tank in final week. SF has won 6 of last 10.

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NFL (5-1-1 YTD) 83.3%

With the 16 point win Monday night by the Denver Broncos over the Oakland Raiders our YTD record now stands at (5-1-1) for 83.3%

We released the game early last week and advised clients to take the Broncos at -15…..

NCAAF Football (9-4 YTD) 69.2%

Combined NFL & NCAAF (14-5-1 YTD) for 73.6% winners overall.

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(1) for Thursday
(1) for Friday &
(2) for Saturday…..

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Team Underground’s Early Week 5 Releases:

Saturday (9/21) College Football

3 key selections now up for Saturdays college football action.

Tough loss on Thursday with Clemson has us in bounce back mode for this Saturday. We have 2 underdogs and a favorite up for purchase now.

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