Do Not Miss Out This Football Season


Football season is here!

Get on board today for all of Team Underground’s award winning football picks!

Right now you can get the entire 2013 NFL regular season including playoffs and the Super Bowl for just $325.00

You WILL NOT find a better deal out there for what we deliver…

Also we are offering the entire College Football season for $325.00 too and we will include all the Bowl games & the National Championship game (same price)….

Note: if you buy these separate ($650.00) you are still getting great value – but if you want to rely on just one “Team” for all of your football handicapping needs – then you can save $100.00 and buy the complete 2013 package for just $550.00

$550.00 will get you:
Every football selection we release from the opening game till the Super Bowl (college & NFL)…

This package has no hidden cost or any extra picks to buy!

You will get all the early kick-off classics, any weekday games, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, the Friday Night College games, any of the special Tuesday/Wednesday games that ESPN will televise later in the season. You will get each round of the NFL playoffs starting with the wildcard round, you will get all the conference championship college picks, bowl games (small & large) and of course the National Championship & Super Bowl..

When we say you will get it all – we mean it.

Football is a long season and we spend 100’s of hours a week preparing for all the games – we take winning very seriously and we only want serious players on board.

We do not want to limit your profits by charging you what other company’s charge – but we are not desperate either by under charging just to call ourselves professionals.

We have stood the test of time – while others have folded or changed their names or gimmicks, we have been and still operate under a trusted name in this business and all picks are verified by major honest independent sports monitors.

This year we will be monitored by the king of sports monitors – the original TSM (The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma).

You will not find any handicappers that will give you the service, price and winners like us. We will do whatever it takes to make your stay enjoyable and profitable.

Underground Sports Connection has won numerous handicapping awards in all sports – check for yourself. Many services may excel in one or two sports but we cover them all 24/7 and 365 days a year!

ReeceRoberts & myself crave the challenge of making as many of you out there a great and very profitable football season and we already have a great game plan on just how we are going to do that. So be sure to click the link below and grab a package today and start winning today.

Also note we now offer a 1 day pass for $17.00 that gets everything we offer on same day of purchase only. We have a 1 week (7-day pass) that gives you all picks from all sports for 7 consecutive days from sign up for just $50.00

ReeceRoberts is heating up when it counts in MLB and asked me to pass along a nice $75.00 offer to receive all his MLB picks till final game of World Series! If you are interested in this contact us via email and we will get those picks started today!

Also I had a 2-1 night last night in the NFL preseason and I have 3 more picks tonight:

Jaguars @ Jets
Dolphins @ Texans
Broncos @ Seahawks

Anyone buying a football package gets the rest of the preseason free including the winners above.

Looking forward to making you money!

Tim (Underground Original).

purchase all picks & packages here:


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