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First off I would like to say thanks to all of you who have been viewing this site the past several days and I understand it is because I have finally got around to doing the daily comp picks again and that’s great and I hope starting today we can roll off a nice winning streak for all of you that are playing these comps. We started posting picks daily on 7/1/13 and after 11 days those free picks are (5-6) not what we want – but all plays were in good situations and was not just picked at random just to have a pick posted.

Now for the more serious players who may be reading this – I have a few premium pick packages I’d like to share with you guys.

First off the NFL preseason will be kicking off soon and I have an entire post above this one describing our 1st time ever 100% money back guarantee. I would like to add to that and give you a better idea as to why this is a must have package.

1) If you are a football fan – football can not get here soon enough!

2) If you are a football fan and like to wager on the games – FOOTBALL CAN NOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!

OK now that we agree on that, the NFL preseason (first 3 weeks) is FULL of games that can make you money – if you KNOW what we know! It’s that simple. Just because the Ravens won the Super Bowl last year does not mean they will cover as a 3 point favorite over the Chiefs – now that bet maybe a steal in the regular season – but in the preseason it is all about personnel, coaches and their game plan. Of course the players must play – but information, QB rotation and a coaches desire to win a meaningless game to others is what will decide if we win or lose money betting on the preseason.

You can refer to the above post for the reasons we have decided to just wager on the first three weeks and I just wanted to reinsure those interested that the package is just $35.00 and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

The season will start with the hall of fame game and we will have official picks in week 1, 2 and 3… I will also guarantee we will have at least 7 games over that span and probably more…. But we will have:

The hall of fame side or total or both?

At least 2 picks in weeks 1,2 & 3 and of course probably more…

You will be refunded the $35.00 if we do not deliver you 55% or better results after the last pick is final!

Now to get this package – just PayPal me $35 direct to my email address at:


You will go on our list for preseason clients and when we deliver 55% or better its a done deal – but if we do not – then you will be refunded – no questions asked!

Now for the players who want to make money NOW!

Starting today I am offering a buy 1 get 3 FREE GUARANTEE on daily MLB!!!

If you want tonight’s MLB pick (POD) play of the day – it will cost you $24.00 after I receive the $24 thru the same email address listed above – you will be sent my POD in tonight’s action.

If the play wins – we are done till the next time you need a play….

If the play does not win you will get the next 3 days FREE – and if I do not show you a profit after the 3 FREE days / you will be refunded the $24.00…

Guys two offers that are guaranteed right there in black & white … Lets win together – starting today!

I’m here waiting to work for you!

One last thing, the CFL is in week #3 and after the first 2 weeks I am 3-1 for 75% and I have 2 picks for this week, both of them goes on Saturday – I will throw those 2 picks in Free for anyone who signs up today for ANY package we just discussed or from the Hot Cappers Report website. Just as a small welcoming token of appreciation.

Tonight’s comp play will be up around 5pm tonight.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Back tonight…


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