6/15 Report

Trying to get up here more and change things up a bit each visit. Today lets look at how each MLB team has done just on Saturday’s this season.

The Best:
Minnesota Twins (7-3)
New York Yankees (7-3)
Cincinnati Reds (7-3)
Boston Red Sox (7-4)
LA Angels (7-4)
St. Louis Cardinals (7-4)
Atlanta Braves (6-3)
Detroit Tigers (6-4)
Cleveland Indians (6-4)
TB Rays (6-4)
Texas Rangers (6-4)
Colorado Rockies (6-4)
Pittsburgh Pirates (6-4)

SF Giants (6-5)
Baltimore Orioles (6-5)
Oakland A’s (5-5)
SD Padres (5-5)
Arizona Dbax (5-5)
Milwaukee Brewers (5-5)

The Worst:
Houston Astros (2-8)
Seattle Mariners (2-8)
NY Mets (2-7)
Chicago White Sox (3-7)
Chicago Cubs (3-7)
LA Dodgers (4-7)
Washington Nationals (4-6)
Miami Marlins (4-6)
Philadelphia Phillies (4-6)
Toronto Bluejays (4-6)
KC Royals (4-6)

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