All Access Monday 5/13/13

Big day/night for Team Underground on this Monday…

We get things started in just a few minutes with game 1 of a double header between Yankees & Indians.

Reece Roberts has a BIG play tonight in MLB also a best bet in MLB & another award winning MLB parlay.

I have two other MLB plays for tonight & I will have NHL action involving one or both game 7’s and possible NBA action.

All the plays mentioned have already been delivered to our All Access members.

How has the All Access plays been doing?

How about winning 6 out of last 8 parlays just for starters!

Guys it’s like this, if you expect to win everyday – then this is NOT for YOU!

But if you can live with winning a little and losing a little daily over a 14 day period – then this is ABSOLUTELY the package you need!

The proof is in the pudding!

For example:
5/7/13 All Access members got (6) picks that day, one game was postponed. We end that day going 2-3 officially, however one of the two WINNERS was a parlay.

5/8/13 once again (6) selections went out to members. We officially go 3-3, but once again one of the three wins was a parlay.

5/9/13 another 6 play card went out to All Access members and we finish 5-1 with two of the five WINNERS – you guessed it…. Parlays!

That day (5/9) I believe I came right here and posted that when Reece & myself both decide to release parlays on same day – it usually means a BIG WINNING DAY! And it was just that.

5/10/13 we stepped out and members got (9) selections – final outcome was a 4-5 day, with one of the five losses a parlay. No damage done – Remember this is sports betting, no team wins every game and no handicapper wins every game.

But our recipe for success is doing the hard work every day no matter the outcome of the previous day.

And we do very well with clients who understands the GRIND….

Basically to have a GREAT experience as a Team Underground All Access member all you need to do is;

1) start small and play each game for same amount. We ARE NOT going to bury you with huge favorites or promise you games of the year… Remember the saying “It’s a marathon not a sprint”.

2) understand nothing is over till its over. When you join us for All Access membership – you are going to get every play we personally play for 14 consecutive days (2 weeks). You will have plenty of action, and if day #1 is a losing day – do not panic, you have 13 more days to show a profit.

3) Advise is what you are paying for, so please use it! If we send you a “unpopular pick” like the Marlins or Astros for example – it is a spot play, as we know that no team has ever been so bad that they ended the season going 0-162! Also we can not be responsible for YOUR LOSSES… We own up to ours – but when the 14 days is over, our records need to match your records or we are spinning our wheels.

So in other words with discipline, proper money management and a little patience WE can make it WORK for you too!

We are in this business for our love of sports and numbers, this is what we do. I’m sure anyone of you that is reading this knows more about your profession or job (whatever that may be) than we do. And after hundreds of hours weekly for over a quarter of a decade – I’m sure we know more about handicapping than our clients do.

We have designed our packages to fit all sports bettors – we charge the same price to the $25 per game bettor or the $500 per game bettor.

If you do the few things we ask – you will make money or lose very little… But anyone who has ever stuck with us over any two month consecutive span – has stayed for years and continue to rely on our selections daily.

We do not try and do the “Hit the Run” approach – meaning we decided to stop offering 1 day – 3 day type programs due to the fact it’s a hit & run type program that only has a upside if you decided to purchase on a good day.

Many guys have had good 1 day – 5 day runs with us in the past, however if you was one of the ones who had a losing 1 day or 5 day package and decided we was not winners – then you was wrong. So to avoid the hit & run factor – we decided to make the sample size bigger (14 days to 30 days) and keep the prices affordable.

Last thing today if you ever want to ask us questions about picks or handicapping in general our contact info is available. Also I provide a daily free pick on Twitter (@ugsportsconn) and you can always get free picks – FREE

BUT if you are a serious sports bettor and do not have any plans on choosing another hobby anytime soon & prefer to make money instead of giving it to your bookie or sports book, then we are here to work for you.

Click the link below and check out the options – do the math and join us today!

Let’s Win!
Underground Original

All Access next 14 days! All picks – All Sports….. Team Underground


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