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We have teased you with some big news concerning the Underground Sports Connection, Team Underground, Reece Roberts and myself Underground Original.

On 3/12/13 Underground Sports raised the bar a little as we officially joined “The Sports Monitor” of Oklahoma.

I’m sure many of you have saw our banners and awards from other online sports monitoring sites such as Eagle Eye, Handicappers Watchdog, Cappers Monitor & Cappers Watchdog. And we are very proud of each and every award we earned at the above mentioned sites. However just like we all have reasons we get into a chosen profession or field, the monitors mentioned would never have opened or been created if it was not for “The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma”!

Ruth runs a top notch company that documents not just for any handicappers but for only the ones who is willing to put their money where their mouth is and confident in his or her abilities.

It’s quite simple if you are 1 of the elite few who has no worries about thousands and thousands of people seeing a documented record of your sports picks and know that just because the record may get ugly it will always be around and never erased for all potential sports betting clients and respected sports handicappers to see. Then “The Sports Monitor” is the place to be.

Ruth and TSM has been doing business way before everything went online and back in the day if you really wanted to see who was hot – then your best option was to contact Ruth and get on the mailing list and get the weekly reports sent to you.

As mentioned times have changed and many different handicapping monitors are on the web with very nice software that updates handicappers records almost as quick as the games go final! Now that’s real nice – but lets face it, many of the monitors, you see guys/handicappers you have never heard of, many of the guys are just amateurs and get their plays monitored as a hobby, others try it as a way to supplement their income and if they make a sell its good and if they don’t then it’s ok too. Others enjoy the competition as they battle for awards, banners and bragging rights and there’s nothing wrong with any of the reasons a guy gets his games monitored at the newer online monitoring sites.

However there are always the bad apples who makes it tough for guys like I mentioned already and guys like Reece and myself.

To be as honest as possible and without doing any name calling, some of these guys or so called handicapping services are a complete JOKE! And a major turn off for SERIOUS BETTORS! Leaving the legit Cappers with many clients who don’t even know how to bet or understands that 55% to 65% winners longterm can make major PROFITS.

I have been with several other monitoring sites before and decided to leave because of things that was going on and if it was so obvious to me in the 3-7 mins daily that I was there then it has to be a red flag to serious bettors looking for serious handicappers to help them make serious money. Sometimes you only get one shot at making a good impression.

We can all play with Monopoly money and chase each lost with a bigger wager and eventually our plus side will look awesome / however when using real money you actually have to win at a higher percentage than 35 to 45% !!

Also take into consideration that many of the FREE monitoring sites are in it for other reasons? Maybe it’s a way they get all the handicappers picks, maybe they fade or go against the consistent 35 to 45% handicappers on their sites, maybe they want to be handicappers themselves and ease into getting their plays monitored as well and see how they stack up against “known” handicappers/services?

Whatever the reasons may be – they do not apply at “The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma”. As Ruth has only 1 job and that’s to document handicappers and show the buyers who’s hot and who’s not. It’s a big time business for Ruth as its been in operation for over 30 years.

Not so serious handicappers seem to stay far away from TSM and that reason is simple, if you want to be documented you have to fill out an application with REAL name, address, phone number, and you have to PAY for the service. Now it may or may not be a lot of money to some of you reading this but $400.00 to get MLB monitored and $500 for football and so on is something many amateurs, rookies, guys doing only as a hobby may just say “nope that’s not for me”! Not only do you avoid that crowd – you avoid the guys who give guys like Reece & I a bad rep – guys that I refer to as “Fly by night con men” who has the worst clue possible about handicapping but can set up an account and throw darts as to what games he will monitor with no stake invested and if the darts landed just right he may make a sell or two – then possibly purchase 1000’s of emails and advertise that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, all while not investing more than his time and a few bucks. Knowing that when he shits the bed and his dart throwing abilities are in the toilet along with his TRUE handicapping skills he will simply get to typing on his keyboard and create a new name, new gimmick and new cons.

This simply does not go own when real money is involved i’m sorry I just do not see it at all and no delete button to press either.

What does this mean to you, Reece and myself?

It’s real simple you may be what Reece and I are looking for and that’s a serious bettor and you may totally agree with what I said and may just be waiting and see just how team underground stacks up against the big boys?

For Reece & I this move is huge because we are legit handicappers and we intend on being here today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and next season just as I have been for over 10 years (Online) and 25 plus years in this industry.

So yes we are very excited – but it’s what we do and if we are hitting 60% at one of the online monitors that we currently use – then we will hit 60% during that same time period at TSM of Oklahoma as well.

Reece has saw a lot of the same stuff I have talked about today and is now seeing how a few bad apples can ruin things for all associated. Reece even asked me “Why did we not just start out at TSM and avoid some of the issues we have faced”?

When you operate a business you must know the insides and outs of ALL things good and bad that’s involved with your industry. See I never answered Reece – but I will now.

If we had started at TSM with the big boys last year – you would have only seen the BEST of this business, you would have done great as you did and you would have a lot more clients at this point – but you would have not known this industry today – like you do now.

It’s kind of like a “1 hit wonder” in the music business, many times they get that BIG BREAK and get that BIG HIT and fade away because they did not pay their dues, did not share their craft with peers, did not get the headaches of non stop touring, sleeping in a car or bus, going broke a few times and so on. So they got what they worked for that 1 hit and faded away. Not saying that’s a bad life – but ……

I always knew we could and would compete with guys like Wayne Root, Marc Lawrence, Big Al, Docs, Pre Game, Wagner, sports memo and so many others that are all at TSM currently – but I had to show you the other side too and it was all worth it for me and for you.

In one year we as a team received 21 handicapping championships? I mean all the guys were not clowns or bad apples we competed with and some of the good legit guys we associate with currently will eventually make a move too if they are as serious as we are, so we earned every banner that we hung up – I mean you can’t get 9 combined parlay awards by not picking parlay winners? And you can’t be called the best overall handicapper at a certain site by losing out to the ones who don’t have a clue.

So the move has been made and our first picks was entered on 3/12 as we decided to ONLY have our 3 daily combo picks monitored under the name of “Team Underground” so a true documented record for combo picks only would exist. And over the 5 day period we are 12-3 for 80% competing under the March Madness division.

I’m not sure but I believe each Tuesday or Wednesday Ruth updates the site and mails out the reports, so I will be sure to post that info. Do yourself a favor and visit the sports monitor and see for yourself why it’s the first and most respected monitoring site – world wide.

With the new fees for TSM – many emails from clients and past clients have been sent asking how much of an increase is there gonna be and the answer is very little. The combo package went up $6 from $84 to $90 and is one day shorter as it was a 31 day program now it’s a 30 day package. So the top selling package suffered less that a $10 price increase and the picks are winning more consistently!

Think about it like this……………. before the move out west we was more like the D-League is to the NBA – now we are more like the NBA. Also it feels like a Triple AAA or Double AA baseball player getting called up to the majors.

Lets face it the proof is in the pudding, and we are all about proof here at UG Sports Conn and what is 1 thing that never lies? NUMBERS!

Hopefully If you are a Twitter or blog follower, you will check us out and see how we do against some of the higher profile handicappers and if you are checking us out for the first time and may be a regular follower at TSM then we intend on being the best for many years to come and will do our best daily to make that dream into reality and put you on some winners that will add cash to your pockets!

Lets WIN!
Underground Original


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