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Notice the changes we made today?

First off Parlay club & Combo packages are not here no more but have been put on the home page of our other site (Hot Cappers Report)

Also we have the All Access package in a new 14 day format at the hot Cappers report.

We have had clients contact us and ask why we did all our picks together? Why could they not get just 1 handicapper for a certain number of days etc…

It was easier to just create a cleaner looking package than to try and direct clients to all the different packages we had available. So now also on the hot cappers home page – you can get 7 day packages from Reece Roberts or Underground Original.

Also would like to note that the all access club is exactly that!

If you like action then that’s your package – because now we are actually going to give all access clients the late plays and any info that may or may not get monitored. And of course All Access clients gets the parlay club picks that may happen to be released during your access and the sports like WNBA, Tennis, Soccer, NHL, Arena & Canadian Football (CFL) And even Olympic sports.

We have added our handicapping awards and sports monitors we use on the home page too…

We have really put everything you need to win on the home page – so instead of reading what is over there – simply click the link and start winning ASAP.

Hot Cappers Report

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