Sunday’s Final Nunbers

All Access Players was the winners on Sunday as we combine to go 4-2 for +$240.00 based on 110/100

Two losses was on the Lakers -5.5 & Fairfield -4

Four winners were under 5.5 in the Avalanche/Blue Jackets game, over 205 in the Thunder/Clippers game, Soccer pick cashed on Toluca +160 & Iona gets it done at -17.5

$240 would go a long way at the website and get you basically a nice longterm package that WILL make you money!

Guys tomorrow between 10am and 2pm our other website (Hot Cappers Report) will go through some changes – so if you click on there and it looks strange or something is out of place it’s because we are working on it, it will be done by 2pm…

Already mentioned a few packages will have a small price increase – but you will see some new packages and a clearer format to help you make the best choice. But if you go there now for instance or before 10am Monday and purchase something – it will be honored. So go check it out and join us as we start a new streak and continue the ass kicking on your book makers like we have done in January & February on into the rest of 2013!

Back up on Monday with another solid card.

purchase your picks now



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