February Awards

Team Underground had a Great February here are a few of the awards we picked up from Eagle Eye Sports Monitor – hope to get the others hung up tomorrow from the other services.

This is just an example of what I discussed in one of yesterday’s updates. If you decide to get on board with a service – get with a documented service! Plenty of legit winners at these sites and the common goal we all share is to win and we compete to be the best. Not no false claims or blowing smoke up anyone’s ass – the numbers do not lie! However if you choose to pay for the advice – use it, because when I win you win as all my picks are posted daily at these sites and if you are only playing what we play and send you – then when we hang banners like these below – then there’s no reason why you didn’t win too! It’s a very simple set of rules – but only a few of you stick by, I can always tell who sticks with the rules and who doesn’t. The ones who use our advice comes back and the ones who don’t come back didn’t!

Complete recap of our bounce back Sunday once the Hawks/Lakers game goes final.

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