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Guys I’ve promised big news – and soon you will all know as we will announce it very soon – in time for March Madness.

However Monday the first stage of changes will begin as we will be adding New Options & More Value to our other site (Hot Cappers Report) and the reason is to provide all clients with Bigger Profits.

There will be some small increases on some packages and some packages will end up with a lower price.

We are trying to provide you with packages and clubs that will give you a higher percentage of profiting over the long run for the fairest prices in the sports handicapping industry and I personally feel everyone will enjoy what we will be doing on Monday.

Now if you have been to the website and saw a package or club you are interested in – then I advise you to do so ASAP. We will honor all package purchased up to the changes made – so no worries as you will get what you paid for.

I will say that a lot of services thrive on hype and impulse buyers, for example you will find handicappers all over the web selling individual picks for $25 to $50 each as they advertise the games with flashy titles and so many game of the years it’s just unbelievable that many of you reading this falls for it all the time! You are paying for a title or a claim more than you are the pick and guess what – you still have to bet the game and win it or its no good lol.

1 pick does not show anyone how good you are – its great if you win, but where’s the value? Where’s the profit – over the long run? No one wins every game and the price of the pick and the vig has to be a factor sooner more so than later.

If one pick does not prove anything – what does 1 day prove?

You will not be seeing anything like I just mentioned at the Hot Cappers Report starting Monday…

We have proven that we will make necessary changes to any package or club at anytime to save our clients money. Look at what we’ve done to the combo package and the parlay club just over the past few months. We have made the changes to benefit YOU not US. I mean if we put out a parlay daily over the long run we would sell more or would we?

Face it this industry has a black eye from all the scammers and hype men from day 1 till the present. And with the Internet every losing bettor in the world seems to want to set up shop and sell his or her picks. I call them fly by night Cappers – the ones who get monitored does not last long as their records tank, they just assume a new identity and a new not so thought out plan to con you out of your hard earned money! It will never work for those guys because to be a successful handicapper you first must know how to handicap.

Sorry about the rant but guys you are as much to blame as the fly by nighters are! Do your homework and if you have never seen any documented records over a large sample of games and only hear unbelievable winning percentages and bogus claims – RUN!

Not saying you have to join up with us – but choose some of the proven winners out there and believe me – we are out here.

More on the new format this weekend and it will be completed Monday.

In the mean time go grab a package and we will make you money – it’s that simple, all we ask is you take our advice and understand what you are purchasing. I’m here so call or email me as no questions will go unanswered. Also keep in mind if you pay for advice – use it!

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