Another Winning Night – Great February!

Another winning night (6th straight on combo’s)!!!

We go 2-1 or better for the 6th straight day as:

Over 212 Spurs/Kings wins
Harvard +6 wins
Yale +4.5 losses

Combo club members close out February at 49-30 for 62% winners!

Underground Original closes out the last 30 days at Handicappers Watchdog with a 59% winning percentage and a 65-45 record in all sports. I chose to show these numbers from HWD because they monitor all sports including my Soccer picks. However my units are higher over the same 30 day period at some of the other monitors due to mainly parlay picks.

But even more impressive is the College Hoop run Reece Roberts is on as documented at Eagle Eye Sports Monitor – Reece in college hoops over the last 30 days is 49-25 for 66.2% winners and +98.52 units!!!

March is here and the Madness will begin – so why not have Reece advising you 1 on 1 in college hoops begin winning now and ending with the National Championship Game?

If you are serious about making money betting NCAA Hoops – Reece has told me that anyone wanting all his remaining 2013 College Basketball picks – them make them an offer they can not refuse!

So do not get mad Reece – cause here it is:

All of Reece’s College Hoops till and including championship game just $99.00!

Send payment ASAP to and i will get you on Reece’s play list starting this Saturday!

Want our daily 3 combo club picks for the next 31 days for just $2.70 per day? Then just click on the combo pick page listed above and start on Saturday as well.

Guys remember – this is a marathon not a sprint! We do our very best to win everyday – but we do not, but over the long run we make our clients money!

Saturday will be a huge card and day for us as they are 124 games (NBA/NCAA & NHL) we will get you the best picks possible including our 3 combo picks, our personal best bets for the All Access clients & another award winning parlay as we will have parlay club selection #36!

Also I will be searching for a Soccer play too – 9-5 year to date for +$942.00 based on a $100 bet on those 14 picks! Soccer picks are very selective as I try to get 1-3 released weekly on average and I do not put out -450 money line picks as my highest ML pick has been -155 (Winner) and even had a winning underdog at +517!!!

Soccer picks $69.00 for March!

That payment can be sent PayPal also to

MLB players listen up – we will make 2013 the biggest profit year ever in MLB as last year was the worst personally for me in 10 years – so I will be hitting the games this year with more focus than ever! And if you do a little research on Reece – you will find 2012 was a HUGE money maker for him in MLB! He will repeat that trend this year too…

Early bird MLB full season packages and more options up now at:

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