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Had a little time today to put some numbers together and show past, current and future clients the current state of business Underground Original, ReeceRoberts, Team Underground and any claims or packages offered here or at the Hot Cappers Report and all else involved with Underground Sports Connection.

The Numbers below are and can be verified at many online sports monitors and I will discuss any of these numbers one on one with anyone if asked.

First lets start with the Combo Club:

The history of the Combo Club can be found in its link on top of this page. Basically it states that when we went public with this package we wanted it to be not only profitable but affordable. The cost is the same today as it was when we debuted the club. However the results are way up as we have adjusted the package twice and hopefully the last time.

Last change was to go from 2 daily picks to 3 daily picks sent to all members. Either I send 1 pick & Reece sends 2 picks or I send 2 picks and Reece sends 1 pick and this happens 365 days a year as long as there are sports to bet on the rotation we deliver 3 daily picks for only $84 every 31 days or just $2.70 per day!

The 3 plays daily – Combo Package started on 1/24/12 and over that 18 day span the record is 27-21 or 56% winners.

Since February (1st full month of new system) we are currently 17-11 or 60.7% winners.

Please note we only count winners and losers and leave out the pushes as they do not factor in the winning percentage either way since the game(s) are considered no action.

We all love when our plans come together and begin to work! And we are very proud of the current combo format and feel we now have a product that can hit on average between 60% and 65% of the time. If you factor in your earnings off of 60% plus winners and it only cost you less than $3 bucks daily then you can see why this is a very solid investment for all players big and small.

Parlay Club:

We now have three levels for parlay players:

Best value 30 parlays for $50 ($1.67 per parlay).

20 parlays for $40 ($2 per parlay).

And 10 parlays just $30 ($3 per parlay).

Parlays are not on any deadline as we made the decision to ONLY release the parlays when both of us agree on both plays and only when the picks meet the criteria needed to be considered a parlay.

We do not force these parlays and since they are not released daily, the parlays are numbered, so you will always know exactly how many parlays you will be receiving. We try to send 1 -3 weekly on average – so plenty of action available but very selective.

Since the Parlay Club began we have released 33 parlays and the record stands at 14-19….

Look at the 14-19 parlay record you may or may not be impressed – however a basic 2 team parlay pays 13 to 5 odds and if you simply base those Vegas and offshore odds at $100 risked per parlay you should begin to be impressed.

14 winners of 13 to 5 odds at $100 per parlay is +$3640.00

19 losses of $100 per parlay is -$1900

That is a profit of +$1740.00

And remember that is just 33 parlays – the first 30 would have only cost you $50 – so ROI (Return on Investment) is HUGE!

We feel 50% or better longterm results are a very realistic goal for us since we are being very selective and concentrating more on quality over quantity. Remember many off the 19 losses came early when we were trying to provide parlays daily. We have currently hit 3 of the last 4 parlays.

Since December 2012 Team Underground has separated ourselves from the competition when it comes to parlay handicapping as we have 8 National Handicapping Awards in both winning percentage and units earned.

We don’t give out 7 team long-shot parlays and when we finally hit one brag about the units we earned of that one winning parlay and never discuss the 12% winning percentage we have chasing long shot parlays. And that’s why we are making money betting these parlays ourselves, it’s why our clients make money and its the reason(s) you should be cashing off our parlays and proven results. With thousands of handicappers in this business one does not win 8 National awards by not producing winners!

Parlay Championships (8 overall)
January 2013 (2)
December 2012 (2)
September 2012 (1)
August 2012 (1)
June 2012 (1)
May 2012 (1)

Last 2 months 4! This is a result of the new selective process.

Now lets talk about our latest venture in producing profits in sports betting.

Soccer Club Picks – $69.00 per each calendar month.

Very selective and very impressive since we began handicapping global Soccer on 1/26/13

Current Record 7-2 for 77.7% winners and a $100 bettor is up $892.00 with these money line picks.

We cover all leagues and feel most offshore sports books will have these games up. Below are the actual games we released with most current pick listed first:

Arsenal -130 Winner
Israel -110 Winner
Armenia -1 (-125) Lost
Real Sociedad -155 Winner
Paris Saint-Germain -115 Winner
AS Roma +135 Lost
Chievo Verona +517 Winner
Eintracht Frankfurt -102 Winner
Manchester City -137 Winner

As you can see just as the record states 7-2 and the math will show you the profit is correct based on a $100 bettor. This club is a flat $69 per calendar month and I many times will provide extra days depending on when you join for no extra charge, for example today is February 11th and you want the picks I will sell you the $69 package for the calendar month of March and any plays we will have for February will also be sent at no charge! BTW I have one play going today – so if you want all my soccer plays from February 11th till March 31st for just $69.00 then they are yours.

I have not made a Soccer link at either site yet – but payments can be sent direct to me at using any major credit card or debit card via PayPal (no account needed) just be sure to provide or use the email address you will want the picks delivered to.

We have been asked by several players “how many plays will I get for the $69?”. My answer is I don’t know – but as you can see since 1/26/13 I have released 9 plays in that 16 day period, so I will say on average 2-3 plays per week and sometimes more and it will vary due to schedules of course, but just like the parlays these picks are selective and the $69.00 price is just an introductory offer and the price will go up soon – just a heads up.

Guys several times a week on average contact me or and Reece to ask about getting EVERY PLAY we put on the monitors. And ask us how much for both handicappers – all picks and all sports? Many are shocked to find out the deal we offer!

Very simple to get this package and many guys choose to upgrade as they see how much money they can save by doing so.

This package is called the All Access package it renews every 30 days from sign-up and it is only $111.00

We prefer clients use this package as we put you on the master list and we just send everything we personally play daily ourselves and monitor. We feel once you commit to this package you have seen enough from us to make your investment as low as possible and get all plays in just 1 email. The guys who end up with this package stays with us and understands its about results and not hype.

$111.00 for 30 days is just $3.70 per day and we hold nothing back – this is an action junkies dream – however a profitable package as you can just go to any of the monitoring sites and check the numbers out for yourselves. We encourage you to do your homework before paying any professional sports handicapper for their picks.

That’s right the 3 combo picks $84.00
Parlay Clubs $50-$40-$30
*Ice Picks $99.00 (Reece Roberts)
Soccer picks $69.00

**I do not have Reece’s NHL records in front of me – that is why I did not mention this package above, I do know Reece has told me the package includes the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Everything listed and any extra plays just $111.00 every 30 days!

We provide a high quality premium service at very low prices because we are what we say we are “Underground Sports Connection”.. We play what you will be playing, so the plays will be handicapped daily for our personal use no matter if we have only 1 client or a 1000+ clients, and we do not ever pad stats or hide from our records, we are 100% honest and take what we do very serious.

We have been told hundreds of times from clients worldwide that we are hands down the best in the business when it comes to customer service and we want to continue that and also become the best handicapping service in all areas bar none!

Please ask any questions at

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