3-0 Combo Sweep – MARCH MADNESS!

4th straight winning day for Combo Club members!

3-0 SWEEP as Kentucky – Illinois State & Saint Louis all cashes!

Tuesday night I had Wisconsin $$$$$ won by 31 points…

Tonight I had Illinois State $$$$$
Won by 36 points…

Tonight Reece had Kentucky $$$$$
Won by 30 points….

Tonight Reece also had Saint Louis $$$$$ a 17 point winner!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong a half point win pays the same – but when you start seeing the BIG easy winners – it’s special!

And with March Madness upon us and MLB right around the corner, Team Underground is in the zone.

But that’s what we do 24/7 & 365 ….

Big congrats to our clients who sees the value and the overall big picture of how important a basic 2-1 day REALLY is!

66% is a strong number in this game and although we will have a few 1-2 days or 0-3 days… The consistent 2-1 days mixed with 3-0 days like Wednesday equals MONEY!

Over the past 30 plus days we are between 58% – 60% and when you convert that into cash won vs. cost of investment / it’s a no brainer why the combo club is so popular!

We don’t stop there!

All Access clients are not only getting the combo picks but are getting all of my selections and all of Reece Roberts selections – you do the math as all games are documented!

Check out Eagle Eye sports monitor, Handicappers Watchdog or Cappers Monitor if you need proof…

You will find ugsportsconn, ReeceRoberts, Underground Original all over the sites proving why we are one of the top sports handicapping services worldwide….

Get on board today and let us make you money!




2/23 Report: Reece Roberts SWEEPS!!!

Friday Night bitter sweet…

Combo club goes 1-2 but All Access clients go 6-2..

Sometimes it works out that way – remember its a marathon not a sprint.

We bounce back today for our combo clients!

Thanks to Reece Roberts perfect 4-0 card – All Access clients were all smiles on Friday!

I finish 2-2 as i won with Penn +6 as they win outright and won my afternoon Soccer game on NEC Nijmegen -105

I dropped both NBA plays on Brooklyn Nets +1 & the Over in Magic/Grizzlies game.

Reece SWEEPS with winners on Stephen F. Austin +2.5
Saint Louis +2.5
Under 123 North Dakota/Akron &
Chicago Blackhawks -140

Saturday will be another huge card as I will be looking for another Soccer winner, Also I have 2 NCCA Hoop picks circled out of the Bracket Busters series and a rare NHL play.

Reece will have his usual 3 to 5 Best Bets also…

Today is as good of a day as any to jump on board with Team Underground. You guys out there that are reading how we do, seeing how we do – but never want to invest a few bucks daily and stop paying your bookie – then it’s on you! No one to blame but yourself, never too late to start winning. Just go to any of the monitors where our selections are documented and you will see some consistency and WINNERS!

Make the move – click the link

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2/22 Report

This is your Friday 2/22 Report:

Combo Package Clients Continue to CASH OUT!

Official Results (pushes not included)

2/21 1-0
2/20 2-1
2/19 1-2
2/18 0-2
2/17 3-0
2/16 2-1
2/15 2-1
2/14 2-1
2/13 2-1
2/12 2-1
2/11 2-1
2/10 2-1

Last 12 days 21-12 for 63.6% winners!

Do not fall for the unproven and undocumented handicappers who CLAIM 80% winners and get on board with a proven documented handicapping service that hits consistently 57% and higher year round.

Free Picks are on a 4-0 run and can be found daily by following our updates on Twitter @ugsportsconn

Soccer players invest $69 today and get all my soccer plays till the end of March for just $69 (price is only good for a limited time).

Already cashed today on NEC Nijmegen -105!

Soccer plays are very selective – usually 3 picks or less weekly. $100 bettors using our soccer picks are 8-5 for plus $772.00 since 1/26/13 for 61.5%

Soccer payments of $69 can be sent to tim@hotcappersreport.com

Big announcement coming in March for Underground Original & Reece Roberts (Team Underground) …

Get all picks and packages at:
Hot Cappers Report



Team Underground’s Combo Pack

From the link above (Team Underground Combo Package)…..

**Note the new format started on 1/24
***Daily records posted below ….
****Pushes are omitted.

Combo Package Just Got Better! Starting on 1/24/13 this package goes to a 3 play per day format!

Now the pot gets bigger as 3-0 days replace 2-0 days and 2-1 days replace the ever so unpopular 1-1 juice losing days ….. ***main reason for the extra play – as 66% is more realistic over time than 100% and less 50% days involved will add a little extra to this already great package!

The change is just another attempt from Team Underground to make your stay with us as profitable and cost efficient as possible.

The term of the package stays at 31 days and is still less than $3 a day – you just get 1 extra play daily for the same money!

Actual documented records:
1/24 1-2
1/25 2-1
1/26 2-0
1/27 2-0
1/28 1-1
1/29 1-1
1/30 0-3
1/31 1-2
2/1 3-0
2/2 0-2
2/3 2-0
2/4 2-1
2/5 1-2
2/6 2-1
2/7 2-1
2/8 2-1
2/9 1-2
2/10 2-1
2/11 2-1
2/12 2-1
2/13 2-1
2/14 2-1
2/15 2-1
2/16 2-1
2/17 3-0
2/18 0-2

71 game sample

We offer you a 55% or better 31 day run or the next 31 days are FREE…

Best part is since February 1st the overall percentage has increased to 63.4% or 33-19!!!

March Madness & MLB just around the corner if you are ready for a positive change – invest today and collect now!

Please be our guess and join at the link above (Team Underground combo pack)…


Combo Club 32-17 in February 65.3%

Since we added the 1 extra pick at no extra charge – ReeceRoberts and myself have turned it up on the combo picks as we have ran off a nice 32-17 or 65.3% winners since 2/1/13

Remember these picks are for sale on top of this page (combo club link) and you will get 3 daily picks for less than $3 bucks a day for 31 days from sign-up.

Today is the your day to turn your season around – with a little help fromTeam Underground…..

Underground Original


Parlay #34 goes tonight!

We have just made the decision to release Parlay #34 tonight and both picks are from ReeceRoberts Ice-Picks.

For more on ReeceRoberts Ice-Picks take a look at the link on top on this page.

For info on all 3 levels of the Parlay Club please click on the link below – parlay club picks start at only $30

More updates soon
Underground Original

Parlay Club Packs start at just $30




77% Soccer Picks $69.00

As mentioned earlier we now are covering soccer and the current record stands at 7-2 or 77.7%

Today we have 1 pick and if you pick up the $69.00 package I will extend your membership a few weeks FREE – you will get the rest of February till March 31st!

Amazing introductory offer that will soon not be available.

Underground Original

Hot Cappers Report