Tide Rolls – Underground Wins

First off congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide for winning the National Championship and to all the Bowl package and All Access clients who got the easy winner on Monday!

Another winning day for Team Underground as we had combined winners on the Tide, Notre Dame in hoops, Cleveland State and Over in the Celtics game. A 4-2 day as we did lose on the Dallas Mavericks and the total in the Bulls game.

A lot of Underground Chatter about whether or not Team Underground produces winners as of late. First off I would like to say that all you have to do is visit any of the sports monitors that I have my plays entered at and check for yourself. Those monitors are listed at the Hot Cappers Report and are the actual plays released daily to all my clients.

My All Access clients receive 100% of those plays entered!

We also provide packages at Handicappers Connection – where paid members are given full access to my account to play each game I enter daily and by doing this through that site – if I do not provide members with a winning access plan they are awarded bonus bucks back as a guarantee to use for any of the other handicappers located at that site.

When you purchase a package you get what you pay for and in no way would I ever jeopardize my business of over 27 years by claiming winners that are not backed up or not monitored!

We offer packages that range from $3 per day up to packages that cost over $10,000 yearly.

If you want a ford focus you purchase it then that’s great – and if you purchase a Cadillac escalade then that’s great too.

We treat all client equal and do our very best to provide winning plays to all members. You don’t last long in this business losing longterm and you certainly don’t push the 30 year mark not winning your fair share of games.

Me and Reece made several mistakes in 2012 rushing things that was new concepts such as the “combo & parlay clubs”. We would vow not to make those mistakes again and we won’t.

We also agreed that clients will receive what they paid for and we would not try to convince them into making upgrades.

Bottom line is WE WIN – take a look at the awards page at the Hot Cappers Report, visit our monitors, contact those owners – we always recommend that new clients do their homework before choosing a handicapper.

In the next few weeks we will be adding more options for both the small bettors and the larger bettors.

Yours truly
Underground Original

Hot Cappers Report