Free Picks Update

Free Picks are now 8-4 on Twitter

1 free pick daily will be posted on Twitter – follow me now at:


1/29 Minnesota U. -19
1/28 passed
1/27 passed
1/26 Texas -12
1/25 Milwaukee Bucks -4 Lost
1/24 Clemson +4.5 Winner
1/23 Wisconsin GB +8.5 Lost
1/22 Tulane +14 Winner
1/21 Charlotte Bobcats +6.5 Winner
1/20 Baltimore Ravens +8 Winner
1/19 UT Arlington -3 Lost
1/18 Memphis Grizzlies -9 Winner
1/17 Minnesota U. -145 Lost
1/16 Georgetown -7 Winner
1/15 Clemson -7 Winner

More updates later
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All Access Recap from Friday

Friday Recap:

Combo Package 2-1 as we won on NJ Devils and Canisius and lost the over 5.5 Vancouver/Anaheim game.

All Access clients either got a win or a push on the total in the Grizzlies game.

Twitter free pick lost as the Milwaukee Bucks took a huge 4th quarter shit and blew huge lead, free picks now 7-4 last 11 days.

Another Free pick is up now on Twitter just follow @ugsportsconn

I have 3 picks up for Saturday in college hoops and Reece will have his best bets a little later for a nice Saturday.

Made a mistake on an earlier post stated All Access price was $111.00 a week – it’s $111.00 but its for 30 days, so no we have not raised the price 🙂

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All Access $111.00 (30 Days!)



Entire NHL Season & Playoffs $99.00

Updated 1/25/13 (on the RR Ice-Picks page…

Bringing this to the main page – been getting a lot of feedback on this – yes the ENTIRE season just $99.00 with nothing else to buy even when the playoffs get underway.

Please read again and check out the info added at bottom on how you can get the plays NOW and pay for them LATER.

As posted earlier:

Guys plans are still to bring Reece to this site more and for him tongive his “inside-edge”.

But for the time being, the full time handicapper and busy father of two wonderful kids – just has his hands full at this moment and time is of an essence, so I’m keeping this page up and will pass along from time to time what Reece may want to pass on to the public.

And here is his first request as of last night:

Reece was looking forward to the 2013 NHL season but the lockout put everything on ice no pun tended, so we did not know if hockey was going to be an option this season – so we did not place a single ad anywhere or offer any exclusive NHL packages.

Well the NHL is back with a 45 game regular season schedule and a full slate of Stanley Cup playoffs to follow.

Reece gave the players a few games to knock off the rust and was going to wait another 4 to 5 days before advising his clients on who to wager on in the NHL, however he called me the other night and said the time is now – “I feel like we are losing money by not getting on these games now”!! So after seeing his work sheets, personal data, overall game plan & final scores – I agreed!

Reece kicked the season off a winner last night for the All Access clients and asked me to make a very reasonable offer to you potential clients reading the blog daily – so here goes a very reasonable offer!

Get every play Reece releases and plays himself that includes puck lines, Money lines (Reece plays both – depends on the situation) totals, parlays, occasional Grand Salamis and will include lord Stanley’s playoffs for the cup – which by the way is a season in itself.

Get it all for $99.00 (no link up) so pay direct using your credit or debit card today.

Send it PayPal to and I will get you on the Reece Roberts hockey list ASAP!

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Extra Bonus – for all who buys this NHL package today – I will throw in my Super Bowl picks on Super Bowl Sunday FREE!!!!! As the 49ers takes on the Ravens..

All the talk about Hockey & Football lets not forget we have College & Pro Hoops tonight!!!

All Access pass $111.00 for next 7 days it gets you all sports, all picks from us both – big money has been made for clients covered by our All Access Club.

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Reece Roberts Kicks ICE – Free Picks hit 70%

Good News – Bad News on Thursday…

Underground Sports Connection officially kicked off the 2013 NHL season as Reece Roberts opens with a nice money line winner on the Ottawa Senators.

Several close games tonight was the difference between winning and losing for the combo players as the Celtics lose by three (combo pick) and lost a heartbreaker in OT as USC (all access pick) losses by five.

Free Picks are now 7-3 the last 10 for 70% as Clemson gets the money over Florida st.

Twitter is where you can find the free pick daily and it’s always a personal play and not just a pick thrown up on the web for the hell of it.

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NHL bettors – get the entire regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs directly from Reece Roberts for just $99.00

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Reece Roberts – NHL – Triple Play Combo

Reece Roberts debuts this years first NHL selection tonight for UG Sports, so watch for a very special NHL offer from Reece in a few days.

Read the Team Underground Combo page above for the NEW format starting tonight. Same price but now (3) daily picks!

Free Plays are monitored and posted each day at Twitter – you have to have a Twitter account and follow me @ugsportsconn and take advantage of the daily free picks.

If you are a more experienced bettor and looking for longterm service take a look at our other site – linked below and jump on board today!

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Free Picks – All Access Plays

5-2 the last 7 Free Picks, you will find this list updated daily on the Free Pick page on top of this page. But the best thing to do is to get the picks and play them daily. Just simply follow my updates on Twitter @ugsportsconn

1/21 Charlotte Bobcats +6.5 Winner
1/20 Baltimore Ravens +8 Winner
1/19 UT Arlington -3 Lost
1/18 Memphis Grizzlies -9 Winner
1/17 Minnesota U. -145 Lost
1/16 Georgetown -7 Winner
1/15 Clemson -7 Winner

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