Who makes money sports betting?

Many times I get ideas for blog post by checking out key words or how people find us by what they type in search engines.

Today one of the search engine entry’s was “who makes money sports betting?”.

To answer that question is like finding the fountain of youth – but I can say with 100% honesty that you could make money betting sports with some simple guidelines.

#1. You must have a bankroll and keep records of your bets. You must have a plan and stick to it. You must decide before you make your first bet how you are going to manage your money not only today but longterm.

#2. As mentioned above money management is key – if you have a $2000.00 bankroll you must decide how much of your bankroll you are willing to risk on each wager. With a $2000.00 bankroll I would recommend 3%. At 3% you would risk basically $60 per wager. You would have around 33 bets to work with (meaning you could go 0-33 before you lost all of the 2k). If you want a larger sample – then simply reduce the wagers to 2% or less.

#3. Know the simple rules of betting, understand you will not get rich quick and you can not realistically win 70% plus longterm – you will need to hit 53% or better (depends on juice) to make money, so if you can consistently win at a 55% to 60% clip – you will win money!

#4. Never chase – it’s a marathon not a sprint.

#5 set a small goal – based on the $2000.00 bankroll – set a profit goal of $500 and when your bankroll reaches $2500.00 take the $500 profit and put it in bank and do not use that money to wager with – just start over and look to make another +$500 or set next goal at $600 etc…

Example of 55% winners based on a $2000.00 bankroll and 3% per wager:

55% over the first 20 bets would be winning 11 out of 20 games.

11 winners at $60 (3% of 2k) would equal plus $660.00

9 losers at $66 (3% of 2k plus juice) would equal minus $594.00

So after 20 bets you would have a profit of plus $66.00

Ok you now see that 55% makes you money as long as you stick to the plan and grind it out, you made a goal of $500 profit – so at 55% winners it would take you 160 games to show you a profit of $528.00

A lot of games to make a $500 plus profit, but look at it this way. Would you rather show a profit or pay each week? Also if you wagered on 3 games per day it would take you 53 days. If you wagered on 5 plays daily it would only take you 32 days.

Also remember all the numbers above are based on 11 out of 20 winners or 55%.

Say you was hitting 60% or 12 winners out of every 20 bets.

12 winners x $60 = +$720.00
8 losers x $66 = -$528.00

For a profit of +$192.00 after 20 bets, meaning after just 60 games you would have a profit of $576.00

And based on 3 picks daily it would take 20 days or at 5 picks daily it would only take 12 days.

Now you see the way you can make money sports betting.

Discipline, proper money management and a game plan…. And winning picks!

Get a proven handicapper one who is monitored and stick to the plan, always have a goal and never chase, remember its a marathon not a sprint and think about it as an investment not a gamble.

Also think about how long it would take you to make money if you took the same $2000.00 and opened up a savings account?

Deal with a professional and stick by the rules and you can make money sports betting.

It only takes one mistake like betting a teaser or parlay to start a downward slide that will create chasing and every other bad habit 90% of bettors do everyday.

If your handicapper or service is producing 55% or better picks and your not making money – you are doing the damage to yourself.

I would recommend the combo package as a good starting point – you get 1 pick from me daily and 1 pick from Reece Roberts daily for 2 picks max daily. It’s really a nice starting point for all bettors, we provide the picks and since we started the 2 picks daily format on 11/12/12 we are hitting 57% with a record of 51-38 (not counting pushes).

Current price of the combo package is only $2.70 per day ($84 for 31 days).

The combo pack can be purchased above.

Later in the week I want to show you some examples of how to make money betting parlays only – however we do not recommend beginners to mix the combo picks and parlay, reasons listed already – remember each program comes with a plan. If you are a combo package subscriber than just bet the 2 picks daily and if you stay the course you will make money.

We also offer all access plans, daily picks, and longterm packages located at:

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Today is Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Sports History

1926 – The Chicago Tribune broke a story that the Detroit Tigers threw a 4-game series to the Chicago White Sox in 1917.

1934 – Two NHL games ended in a scoreless tie. The games were Boston at the New York Rangers and the New York Americans at Detroit.

1954 – The 24-second shot clock was used for the first time in professional basketball.

1961 – Jack Nicklaus lost his first attempt at pro golf to Gary Player in an exhibition match in Miami, FL.

1978 – Ohio State University fired Woody Hayes as its football coach, one day after Hayes punched Clemson University player Charlie Bauman during the Gator Bowl. Bauman had intercepted an Ohio pass.

1983 – Julius “Dr. J” Erving (Philadelphia 76ers) became the 9th basketball player to reach 25,000 points.

1996 – Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers) became only the second player to win consecutive NFL MVP Awards.

1997 – Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls) scored more than 10 points in 788 consecutive games.