Thursday 11/29 NBA WINS AGAIN!

NBA is now 10-1 last 11 in the premium combo package with last nights winner on the Brooklyn Nets!

For you that do not know the history of the “combo package” it is a 31 day program from sign up and the cost is $84.00 ( $2.70 per day).

When it first started players would get all my selections (underground original) and all of my partners selections (ReeceRoberts) daily.

Over a four month period the amount of plays was overwhelming new clients because most guys that turn to us are in a slump and need a quick turnaround. Just being realistic here, no one who is winning consistently would need our advice.

But seeing that the package was less than $3 bucks a day – we sold many packages and some liked the concept mainly the action junkies – but serious players needing to win NOW was overwhelmed and jumped in with no money management and it did not work out for them.

See guys you hear the truth from us at underground sports connection both good and bad.

Here’s the good. We gave the combo package a makeover and if you go back to yesterday’s post you will see the current (premium combo package) is now hitting at 65% and the NBA games are on a 10-1 run!

Better news the price is still $84 for 31 days!

You get 1 play from underground original (me) daily & 1 play from Reece Roberts daily for a max of 2 plays a day. So you are going to be 2-0/1-1 or 0-2 at worst (unless a push is involved) daily!

It does not require a mathematical degree to understand how to finance your plays – its simple play both plays EVERY DAY for the SAME AMOUNT and let the percentages make you money!

I will direct you to our other website below – there you can find many different programs and packages, but if you want the $2.70 a day 65% program simply send $84 to and you start tonight.

Free pick Detroit Lions on Sunday

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